You Will Finish With More Questions Than Answers – Infernal by T Joseph Browder #TJosephBrowder

T Joseph Browder writes stories that are not of this realm and Infernal is one of those novels that stuck with me long after I finished reading.

I love this gorgeous cover by T Joseph Browder.


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The tension and suspense from the very beginning of Infernal by Joseph Browder, kept me reading at a slower pace than normal, because the storyline does not tell me where I am going and as I traverse the pages with curiosity and caution I don’t want to miss a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Have you ever heard of Thundersnow. Well, you will now.

Joseph has done a fabulous job of creating many worlds, some with fairies, some with vampires…some beautiful and lush, some ugly and desolate, demons and devils.

Infernal has a religious bent, but not the preachy kind. It left me with more questions than answers. It reminds us to be careful when developing new science applications without knowing the repercussions.

The battle of good and evil had me questioning God, science and the idea of Utopia. One man’s ideal can be another man’s nightmare.

Why are we here? What is our purpose?

From Artificial Intelligence to God to dragons, the questions remained with me long after I finished reading.

It does start out a bit slow, as I try to figure out what’s going on, but I was devouring the pages as I approached the end, wanting to know…who will be left standing.

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Richard Farris, a man with a dark past, survives the worst blizzard to ravage the Kansas plains in decades only to discover a woman near death in a snow bank. Cut off by the storm, with only his faithful St. Bernard Charlie to aid him, Richard fights for his life, Charlie’s, and the life of the woman, Sophia, against a shadowy military unit that descends upon his farm.

His home and his life in ruins, Richard goes on the run. In California, Sophia, the woman he watched die in Kansas, finds him again — one step ahead of another strike force sent by BanaTech, a worlds-spanning corporate empire intent on enslaving humanity at the bidding of hellish supernatural beings.

Now entangled in an ancient war between angels and demons, Richard flees with Sophia through multiple versions of the Universe and even through time, across landscapes of horror where fantasy is reality and nothing is what it seems…not even Richard’s own identity.

They were once of the All. Something wonderful and full of light. But they became wicked…defiled the All and were cast out. So they seek to destroy every good thing. They are evil in its purest form. They are Infernal.


T. Joseph BrowderT. Joseph Browder was born in Lima, Ohio in 1969 and is the author of ‘Dark Matters,’ ‘Plague,’ and ‘Infernal,’ the first in a series of novels about the Multiverse and the age-old battle between good and evil.

Of writing T. Joseph Browder says, “I’m an addict. Some people are addicted to alcohol, some to marijuana, coke, or heroin. I’m addicted to writing. It’s my drug of choice and like the monkey on the back of the heroin user it compels me to sit down at my computer every day and check out of reality. Since I work a full-time job in the meat industry my time is limited. If I don’t ‘use’ often enough I suffer withdrawals. The pain is tangible. For me, writing is a high like no other. It’s one helluva buzz.”

A student of Psychology, T. Joseph Browder also holds Doctorates in Divinity, Metaphysics, and Religious Humanities. “I’m an ordained minister,” Browder says, “but that’s a prerequisite for the education I was pursuing. I’ve performed a wedding ceremony or two but have never felt the urge to preach before a congregation.”

Like his education, Mr. Browder’s writing is driven by an insatiable curiosity for what makes people behave the way they do, make the choices they make, and feel the way they feel. Drawing on an intimate knowledge of the evil alive in humanity his work centers on the darker aspects of life, the sudden changes and left turns life throws at all of us and how we react to those things that lurk around the next corner and go bump in the night.

Mr. Browder currently lives in Kansas with his wife, Marie, and is hard at work on a new novel.

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Dark Matters


A Corner in Glory Land by Janie DeVos

by Janie DeVos
Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction
Pub Date: 12/19/17
In turn-of-the-century Florida, a
family comes of age, and a daughter finds her destiny entwined with a
land as full of promise as it is danger.
The steamy, sweltering banks of
Florida’s Ocklawaha River don’t look much like Glory Land to
young Eve Stewart, despite her father’s proclamation. But it’s
here that Eve, her three siblings, and their parents will settle in
July, 1875. Within a few years, Eve’s father, Hap, has made good on
his assurances. They have a large, weathered clapboard house and a
comfortable life, thanks to Hap’s job on a steamboat.
Eve and her twin sister, Ivy, are
blossoming into young women. Yet as Ivy grows more involved in
medicine making under the tutelage of a neighboring black woman, her
path leads away from the family.
Eve, an aspiring writer, loves her
home though she longs to see the wider world beyond its swamps and
shores. But when she discovers a secret Ivy’s been keeping, Eve
must decide between protecting the family name or saving her sister.
With the help of a half-Creek Indian tracker, Max Harjo, Eve sets out
to find Ivy, beginning a journey that will dare her to follow her
ambitions and her passion wherever they lead.
Janie DeVos is a native of Coral
Gables, Florida. She attended Florida State University, then worked
in the advertising industry for over a decade, including radio, cable
television, public relations and advertising firms. Though her career
changed over the years, one thing didn’t—her love of writing. She
is an award-winning children’s author. Beneath a Thousand Apple Trees
is her adult debut. Learn more at
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