Blog Ahead Challenges for March 2017

I really need more motivation, so these challenges are fantastic.

Why not join in?



Mini Blog Ahead #1: March 1st-15th


Dates: March 1- March 15

Goal: Schedule an additional 15 posts during the challenge.

On Day 1 of the challenge look at your number of scheduled posts. Add 15 to that. That is the number of scheduled posts you should have finished at the end of the challenge.

Any type of post counts! It just has to be a completed post.

The only stipulation is it must go live AFTER the challenge ends in order to count.

I got very behind at the end of last year and am still trying to ‘ketchup’.

I began this challenge with 4 Posts already scheduled.

My goal is a minimum of 19 posts.

I ended up with 33 post minus the 4 I originally had, so I was ahead 29 posts.

Yeah! Now to keep ahead.

Mini Blog Ahead #2: June 15-30
Blog Ahead: October
I am really excited to participate. It really helped me last year and I just wish I would have kept up with it.
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6 thoughts on “Blog Ahead Challenges for March 2017

    • These challenges help me to get ahead, even though I am always trying to anyway. LOL Good luck.

    • I have my moments…I am trying to get ahead, because that takes a lot of the pressure off. Posts don’t always have to be about books…after all, we do have other things going on in our lives. 🙂

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