Giveaway and Review – Identity by Shawna Seed

Shawna Seed’s debut novel, Identity is a 5 STAR hit.

A beach town, a hurricane coming, mystery and suspense – I’m all over it.

I love the cover. It makes me think of an old photo that is now losing its original color.

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Brian, Sharlah’s boyfriend, had been busted for drugs. Sharlah didn’t believe it. He was one of the good guys. He had been acting strange but….

Three days later Sharlah was sitting in the back of a cop car again. She had gone to visit her friend, Missy, only to find her lying on the floor in the kitchen.

The detective asked if Brian’s and Missy’s death could be related.

At work at the diner, Sharlah searched the newspaper for anything more about Missy. The headlines were all about the low pressure cell, tropical storm Aileen. It was upgraded to a Category One hurricane.

Sharlah prepared to hunker down, because she had no intention of leave. She looked out the window and watched the trees blowing. When the bullet came through the window she thought it was something from the storm.

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Who should appear at the door, but Russ Zuk, the detective. He seemed to show up at just the right time. Was that a coincidence or was something else going on?

As the storm worsened, Brian told Sharlah to grab her valuables and go.  She  talked to Kevin in Houston. He told her to come there. She loaded up and left.

It had been four years and Brian found it hard to believe that Sharlah had just walked away, never to be seen again. It was like hurricane picked her up and took her away.

Ten years later, still no answers. But Brian could not forget. He thought of Sharlah every day.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos    5 STARS – Would Buy It For Them (lol)

Shawna Seed approached me and asked if I would read and review Identity. When I read the blurb she sent me, I jumped right on it. The book spoke to me before I even opened my Kindle to begin reading. I just want to take a moment and apologize to Shawna for taking so long to write the review.

Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. Read it straight through. All the time I’m reading, I keep hoping I know the ending. I have come to care about the characters and want good things for them. I want to have a happy ending.

It was like a TV show – it’s this guy, no that guy, no too obvious, it’s that guy. The mystery and suspense I felt, while trying to figure out who did it, kept me on the edge of my seat. I was leaning forward and devouring the words like the M & M candies I love.

This book is full of betrayal, love, sacrifice and self centered cruelty. It has every element for a successful and amazing novel. Great story and writing. I love and hate the characters and it has a mega hit ending.

The ending? Tears in my eyes and then it was over. It took me five plus hours, but I just could not quit.

A little bit of humor:     “A disease called lackanookie.”

If this is her debut novel, I can hardly wait to see what Shawna Seed comes up with next. I am constantly amazed at the quality of writing I have discovered since joining Goodreads and blogging. I have found Indie authors that never would have been published if they didn’t go through the tremendous effort of figuring it out for themselves. Kudos to these hardworking, passionate and dedicated individuals.


Shawna Seed   Shawna Seed is a writer and editor whose career has taken her to both coasts and several spots in between, working for organizations that include The Dallas Morning News and

Originally from Kansas, she’s lived in seven states and every continental U.S. time zone. She and her husband now call Dallas home.

When she’s not writing, her interests include cooking, travel and watching college basketball. (Go Jayhawks!)

Identity is her fiction debut. Her next project, Not in Time, is a suspense novel about looted art.

Visit her website, where the goodies include her blog and a discussion guide. You can also listen to a playlist based on the record collection of Sharlah Webb, the heroine of Identity, and see Sharlah’s bookshelf.

To learn more about Shawn Seed, follow the links below.

Website  Facebook  Twitter  Goodreads

Buy links for Identity:

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To grab your copy  of Identity by Shawna Seed, simply click on the cover.


taiwan flag smiley animated gif Pictures, Images and PhotosShawna Seed is offering  for the Giveaway 3 ebooks. International. Easy entry as always, just leave your email address and answer the question:

If a loved one of yours simply vanished into thin air, how far would you go to find the answers? 

Giveaway ends July 30, 2013

Shawna Seed is now hard at work on her next suspense novel, Not In Time, which will be released later this year. As you can see, I loved her debut novel and can hardly wait to read Not In Time.

Synopsis for NOT IN TIME

paris photo: Paris Paris2_zpsfa33dd33.jpgIt seems like a dream come true. Art historian Genevieve McKenna, who just lost her museum job, lands an assignment: Track down a drawing the Nazis stole in wartime Paris. Plus, there’s Julien Brooks, whose family owned the drawing. She’s eager to get to know him better. A lot better.

But a series of bizarre flashbacks has Genevieve doubting her sanity. Mental illness ruined her mother’s life. Is that Genevieve’s fate?

 On a research trip to Paris, Genevieve and Julien confront their growing attraction and the truth about her destiny. What they learn will reveal the true story of Genevieve’s mother, the heroism of Julien’s family and the heartbreak of a doomed romance.

 It may also cost them their lives.

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48 thoughts on “Giveaway and Review – Identity by Shawna Seed

  1. Your review alone makes me want to read this, Sherry! I love a book where the answer is not obvious. Thanks for your kind words about indie authors too.
    To answer the question, I would search high and low and never give up looking for a loved one.

    • Thanks and you are welcome taylor. I am amazed at all the other I have found and the excellent quality of their work, you included. ^_^

  2. Your review is excellent Sherry. I now have to read Identity. I’m thinking I’ve read the synopsis before. Have to see if this is on my TBR!
    My answer: I’d go as far as it takes!

    • I thought the book would be good, but it surpassed my expectations. Happy reading!

  3. I love the cover of the book and then reading your review made me want to read this book- great job. If someone I loved went missing, I would do anything to figure out why they went missing. Perhaps they don’t want to be found and then that would be a different story but until then, hats off! Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Thanks Sandy. When I asked the question, I never thought about them not wanting to be found. I think I would still have to search. Good luck.

  4. Terrific review. It’s going on my TBR list. To answer your question – there is no limit to the extent I would go to find the answers.

    • Thanks Janna. I loved that I couldn’t figure out who the villain was. Wishing you luck in the giveaway.

  5. I love that cover and I’m not sure, to the end of the earth but I wonder if I’d go mad with worry first. Excellent review. I want to read this one. TBR list/mountain it is

    • I love the cover too. I guess none of us really know what we would do, just hope we do the right and necessary thing to find our loved one. I think we all have TBR lists that are out of control, I know I do. LOL

  6. Sherry, just wanted to say thanks for the review and echo Taylor Dean’s appreciation for the bring attention you bring to indie authors.

    Good luck, everyone, in the giveaway!

    Now, back to work on Not In Time…

      • We all do it. That is the bad thing about a computer, it is way too easy to click that button. I can vouch for a well edited book.

    • I used to go to the library and get a bag of books every week. I had a small local library and had been through all the authors I knew and was starting on the unknown. I am happy to give kudos to the authors I have been reading the past year. Now, if I want a book it is at my fingertips. The stories and writing are amazing. Of course, there is a not so good one here and there, but for the most part, my choices have been well worth reading and sharing. You are very welcome for the review. I loved the book and am looking forward to Not In Time.

  7. This definitely sounds like a book I should read. I don’t mean throw it on top of my TBR list, I mean actually READ!

    I hate to sound like the heartless cad I can be, but how far I’d go to look for a missing loved one kind of depends on WHO the loved one was. My children or grandchildren? I would never stop looking. But my Aunt Tilda? Not so much. (Sorry, Aunt Tilda… don’t get lost!)

  8. Wow. this review is fantastic! Added this one to my tbr list in the “have to read now” section! Cant wait to read it. As for how far would I go? To the ends of the earth if I had to! Do whatever it took to try and gain answers to what happened.. wherever that road leads me. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Thanks Hazel. I am happy to add to your list. ^_^ Good luck in the giveaway!

  9. I ditto, Grampy…it sounds kind of crappy, but it would depend on who it was. My hubby or one of my animals…I’m to the ends of the Earth! :0)

  10. Wow. I love your reviews of books. This one is no different. thanks for the invite. I can not wait to read this one.

  11. I would go to the ends of the earth, do whatever it took. I would never, ever stop looking for the ones I loved. Until you found them and knew what happened I would not be able to live, to breath, to love again. The unknown is the worst thing ever. I would need to know, no matter the outcome, I would not stop until I knew.

    • I think it would be really hard to get over not knowing, if ever. Thanks for stopping in. Good luck.

  12. I would move heaven and earth to find my child and never stop searching. We had a similar real life case here in Australia and the parents never ever gave up, even when they thought the police had.

    • I don’t think it’s because the police don’t care, I think most of the time, there is another crime around the corner and there isn’t enough police to go around. What was the outcome? I hope they got answers.

  13. First: Fabulous review!

    If a loved one, by definition means someone close, regardless of their relationship, I wouldn’t stop looking, ever. If it was my dog, Heaven help whoever took her!

    • Thanks Dianne. LOL I am a dog lover, so I can definitely relate. Animals are like babies, how can you not love them?

  14. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Strangely, I wrote a book about searching for my loved one – my daughter, Samantha, who was severely brain damaged at the age of two when her heart stopped and she was revived for too long and too late. She survived for seventeen torturous years until her second and final death. I had a question during those waiting years – Where had my daughter gone? Because who she had been had vanished, her essence wiped clean. So I wrote Gone, and went in search of her. It is a unique fantasy and is one answer to that question.

    So, to answer your question, I’d go as far as my imagination would take me to find my loved one.

    • I am sorry for your loss and want to thank you for sharing something so personal. I will definitely take a look at your book. ^_^

  15. First: amazing review, I can’t wait to read it.

    Second: if a loved one vanished, I’d go as far as I had to to find out what happened.

  16. Great review! I’d go to the ends of the Earth & beyond to find my loved ones. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  17. Loved the book review. I would love to read this.
    I know if one of my loved ones vanished nothing would stop me from trying to find them.

  18. Congratulations to the giveaway winners, and may you all enjoy Identity as much as Sherry did.

    If you didn’t win, better luck next time! Remember, you can scroll up the page for the “where to buy links.”

    Thanks again, Sherry, for reviewing Identity and hosting the giveaway.

    Look for Not In Time this fall!

    • You are very welcome Shawna. I loved reading, reviewing and doing the giveaway for this awesome book. I have contacted the winners and will announce them after confirmation.

      Congratulations to the winners and sorry to those of you who didn’t win. But, don’t give up. Enter my other giveaways for another chance.

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