Monday Mini Review – Orchard by Jack H Bailey #JackHBailey

I won a paperback copy of Orchard by Jack H Bailey and wanted to share it with you. Looking for fiction that reads as if true, look no further.

I am sorry that Jack will not be able to see the review and I hope that motivates me to review promptly from here on out.

Jack Bailey, 86, died at home in Studio City after a battle with cancer. Happily married for 56 years to his devoted wife, Wanda, he also leaves son, Matt, and daughter, Madeline.

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Bombastic fictional story that reads as if it is true, of union busting mining companies and the dangerous, yet understandable characters who shot, blasted, and bombed their way through life. Be careful about backing your prey into a corner. Orchard by Jack H Bailey proves that violence is not the answer. The fantastic writing had me believing every word, caught up as if the story is real, and I had to keep reminding myself that this terribly sad story was fictitious.

I won a paperback copy of Orchard by Jack H Bailey.

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This much is true. It’s 1899. Harry Orchard is a member of the fire-breathing Western Federation of Miners. While other members labor underground to harvest the riches of the earth, Orchard is paid to kill men who are a problem for the union. He’s an interesting killer, well-liked by his peers and by the ladies.

After years of cat-and-mouse pursuit by legendary Pinkerton, Charles Siringo, when he’s arrested in 1906 for the murder of Idaho’s former Governor, Frank Steunenberg, he’s killed nineteen men in Idaho and Colorado. Even today, in the silver mining towns of northern Idaho, his name is spoken in whispers by those familiar with his deeds.

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