One Sentence Review – Angels & Demons – The Devil’s Daughter by Jill Cooper @jillybug


I won a copy of The Devil’s Daughter by Jill Cooper from Toi Thomas, a love story filled with Angels & Demons.

Way to go Jill. I loved it.

The Devil's DaughterGoodreads  /  Amazon


I won a copy of The Devil’s Daughter by Jill Cooper and I am so glad I did, because I would have missed this fabulous story filled with characters to die for, romance, demon, angels, and the great battle that was waged to save her soul and give her the freedom from Lucifer that she so desired.

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The beauty of an Angel. The Heart of the Devil. A war is about to be waged for her soul. Can love prove to be the one saving grace that Lucifer cannot master?

Reckless. Impetuous and arrogant. Amara is Lucifer’s daughter in every way. In the high court of hell, no one has captured more angels than she has. But she has never felt anything for them. Not until him.

The high counsel of Heaven sent their mightiest warrior, Cathal, to kill Amara and snuff out the danger she presents. But her beauty causes him pause. He senses the tremble. A flicker of goodness buried deep inside of her.

If Cathal can kindle the spark and allow that goodness to grow, he can save her from herself and from inheriting the flame of hell.

As the gladiator games for her hand in marriage heat up, can Amara find the strength to come out of the dark and stand in the light?

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