Review ~ In The Woods by Nancy Gideon

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In the Woods (Based upon the original screenplay by Lynn Drzick)
Genre: Horror/Thriller/Suspense
Published by: Katharsys Pictures Publishing
Release Date: January 17, 2015
Length: 201 Pages

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With that delicious cover and knowing there is a screenplay and motion picture, how could I say no to this awesome sounding horror novel. I love the woods and trees! Add some spookiness, death and danger, a magical Hellhound and a serial killer, and I cannot resist.

I, too, am from the north and feel a need to support a fellow Michigander.

In the era of knights and kings, the battles were brutal and savage. The dark magic will follow firefighter, Alex Kerwood into the future.

Laurie was a cautious driver, so when she heard the thump, she had to get out and check. Oh yeah, deserted, lonely road at night, she knows she shouldn’t do it, but does it anyway. I love it. I was yelling at her, telling her to keep on driving. Something bad will happen to her if she gets out of the car. Damn, she does it anyway. 😈

She isn’t the only missing person in town and I doubt she will be the last.

People think Alex is a good guy, but he carries a lot of guilt. He thought he should have been there to save his friend and fellow firefighter, Terry. He drowned his sorrow in alcohol. He and his wife, Helen, love each other, but will the alcohol destroy their marriage? I do love a tortured and fallible hero, trying to do the right thing. Makes him easier to relate to when I know he’s not perfect. I want him to succeed and live happily ever after.

Of course, we have to have the Police Chief, Connor Pellman, wanting to be governor and needing to catch the killer to promote himself. Will that cause him to take the first suspect that comes along? The problems he can cause had me wanting to reach into the pages and smack him.

As Alex and his friend debate what to do about the incident in the forest, the decision is made for them. The past meets the future and IT sets ITS eye on Helen. They WILL know HIS name. Sometimes, you just need to make a decision and do it. Right or wrong, at least it was YOUR decision.

The suspense had me looking ahead, waiting for the worlds to collide with the supernatural Hellhound and the serial killer. Could you ask for two worse entities? I didn’t know which would do the most damage, but I was eager to find out. The story was predictable, but I loved it. There is enough going on that the pacing kept my attention and I was anticipating what would come next. Reads like a B movie and I love them, too. Just like In The Woods, the novel, B movies are not the best ever written, but I love them all the same.

I received the book in return for an honest review.

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Hundreds of years ago their battle began . . .

In an age of knights and sorcery, a good king must raise a monster to protect his people from the demon unleashed by a dark-hearted enemy determined to claim his kingdom. But once called forth upon blood-drenched fields, can such evil ever be truly laid to rest?

To a present day community held hostage by fear, a serial killer will soon be the least of its worries after two off-duty firefighters enter a forest and find a grave. What they dig up isn’t a victim or family pet. When they race from the woods, they bring a timeless hell with them . . .


Based upon the original horror screenplay IN THE WOODS by Lynn Drzick, now an independent motion picture.Author Picture - Nancy GideonWith over 58 sales since her first publication in 1987, which was written in long hand then typed up on a manual Smith Corolla, Portage, Michigan author Nancy Gideon’s writing encompasses romance genres from historicals and regencies to contemporary suspense and the paranormal.

Under her own name, she’s a bestseller in contemporary romantic suspense, has written an award-winning vampire romance series, and has a six book shape-shifter series with Pocket Books. Also listed on the International Movie Database (IMDB), she collaborated on Indie horror films In the Woods and Savage with screenwriting and ADR script credits, and even played a small role, that of “bar extra.”

Writing historical romance as Dana Ransom, she’s a “Career Achievement for Historical Adventure” and “K.I.S.S.” award winner with books published in Romanian, Italian, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Icelandic and Chinese.

As Rosalyn West, she’s a HOLT Medallion winner with nominations for “Best North American Historical Romance” and “Best Historical Book in a Series.”

A prolific writer, Nancy attributes her creative output, which once peaked at seven novels in one year, to her love of history and a gift for storytelling.  She also credits the discipline learned through a background in journalism and OCD.  The due date for her third book and her second son were on the same day . . . and both were early!  When on deadline, she turns on the laptop between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. to get a chapter in before heading in to her full time job as a legal assistant. She’s a member of GDRWA, MMRWA, FF&P and dotes on her critique group.


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11 thoughts on “Review ~ In The Woods by Nancy Gideon

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  2. Not to be confused with Into the Woods, the musical, I presume! I read your review with Into the Woods in mind and quickly realized my mistake!
    So impressive that the author writes and manages a full time job!

    • This is most definitely a horror novel. I always wonder how authors, whether working or not, find the time to write as much as they do. Even if you are not working, you have a family. 🙂

    • Super, thanks so much for passing on the recommendation. I hope you both enjoy In The Woods!

  3. My review is written and scheduled for Friday so I can read yours. Too funny. We are so different in how we write them. Yours makes me want to go back and read it again! LOL

    • I look forward reading your too. We do seem to approach books for review from different angles. Glad it gives you the urge to read it again. lol

    • Yes, predictable can be okay and blending genres can give a book that something else that keeps a reader reading. Thanks Kimberly. 🙂

    • So happy to share. I loved the book and the movie….I’m there. 🙂 from one Michigander to another.

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