Superheroes & Ghosts – What Happened In Witches Wood by Stephen Henning

What Happened in Witches Wood takes you on another adventure with the superheroes, James and Sam, as they strive to keep their superpowers secret and out of the hands of the evil and greedy Sir Rosewood.

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Simon took Asha to Witches Wood to scare her.

They sat on a bench by the river.

They noticed the bench was dedicated to Katherine Bethany Blake, who drowned in the river in 1987.

Simon thought everything was going great, a little kissing, a little touching. Then Asha screamed.

A girl stepped towards them, dripping water from her clothes and hair, covered in blood.

In a blink, she was gone.



This fictional news report relates to Class Heroes book II, What Happened in Witches Wood. Class Heroes is a series of thriller books for teenagers and adults.

***Spoiler Alert***  I do not believe there is anything here that will spoil A Class Apart, Book I of the Class Heroes series, so feel free to read on.

The cover speaks to me, a girl in the woods. Simple, yet lends an aura of mystery.

This is the second book of the Class Heroes series . They tell the story of teenage superheroes, James and Sam, and the people that want what they have and what they would do to get it.

I liked that Stephen had more than one storyline going. James and Sam would have their trials and tribulations with G-Netik and Lolly. But what about Katherine? Who is she and why does Sam feel the need to solve the mystery?

James and Sam’s parents had told them to never go into the woods. Do you think they would be able to resist? Tell a teenager not to do something and it usually creates more curiosity and sometimes a desire more urgent than was there before.

Sir Rosewood is a respected businessman who is used to getting whatever he wants. His daughter, Lolly has learned all his evil lessons. The corruption in the upper echelons has allowed him so much leeway in his abuse of power that no one has foreseen how far he will go. He thought he had the right to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

As the people gather to party in the woods while looking for ghosts, it made me think of the Squatchers. If you have never see this Discovery show, check it out and prepare to laugh your way through the woods with the squatching crew as they hunt for Bigfoot.

Stephen describes Sam running. She wasn’t supposed to be doing it, because it cannot be explained. His description made me think of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. I can hear the theme music playing now. I love it when I can relate the story to a movie or TV show, making it easier to visualize the scene, as if it is a mini movie playing through my mind.

Sometimes Book II in a series can fall a little short and I felt What Happened in Witches Wood did not let me down. Action packed, multiple storylines, characters I’m loving and hating and I am unable to put the book down. What more can I ask for?

Where’s Lolly? This villainess is still on the loose and I aim to hunt her down.

I love this series and am so happy to know that Lolly has her own story coming up next. It will be free on Amazon on January 15, Wednesday, and Thursday, January 16.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos   5 STARS – Would Buy It For Them (lol)

I was given a copy of What Happened In Witches Wood by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.



 Stephen HenningI began writing the first Class Heroes book on my laptop in February 2011, but these stories have probably been continually playing in my head since I was aged five or six, when I would act them out with toys and with my friends. I then branched out into using pencils, colouring pens and paper, moving on to writing pads and then my first computer.

So, as you’ve probably gathered, I have always enjoyed making up stories and the super-hero genre has been one of my favourites.

The CV-type stuff is that I went to Sheffield Hallam University to study English. I then trained and briefly worked as a journalist in Salford. After that, I moved into publishing – which was great. An interesting and fun industry to be in and fascinating to see how books are put together and sold.

After that I started doing technical writing, which led me to start my own business with my friend and colleague Andrew Butters. My love of writing, generally, led me back to writing fiction. Our company, Elucidox Ltd, publishes the Class Heroes books.

If you want to know a bit more about me, what kind of super powers I have and the kind of super villains I have to tangle with on a daily basis, then feel free to watch Rage. This is a short film, that took a long time to make. It’s a simple day in my life :-). Actually it’s just a fun movie that I made with the very kind help of some of my best mates. We had a laugh doing it, hope you like it too. And if you do, then why not explore the super world of the Class Heroes books?

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  1. Now that’s entertainment! I’m so hyped up about this series now. Can’t wait for the freebie tomorrow! If you love these this much, I know I will too!

    • I love Lolly too. I am always happy to read a book where I feel for the villain too. It’s no wonder she’s as mean as she is. LOL

    • This is a really fun series and I loved that he added the supernatural to the superhumans.

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