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The Whisper Man by Alex North has such a creepy cool cover and blurb, I couldn’t resist snagging a copy from Net Galley. My thanks go out to Celadon Books for the opportunity to read and review The Whisper Man.

I don’t know who did the cover, but they did a fabulous job. The Whisper Man is due to be released 8.20.19 and is available for preorder.

The Whisper Man

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Looking at the cover for The Whisper Man by Alex North, I anticipated a nail biting, spine tingling suspense thriller, and I was not disappointed.

As I get to know Jake, Tom Kennedy’s son, better, I can tell he will be a special child. And his dad… Jake and Tom’s relationship is realistic, their feelings and struggles as they try to put their life back together are sad, yet hopeful.

They both need a fresh start after the loss, a new town, a new house. The house called to Jake and I wondered why. It had personality, but is there more to the story? Alex North’s description of the house makes me feel as if it is alive, waiting for the right people to come home.

I am trying to figure out what is going on with Jake, but Alex North keeps me in the dark. When I find out, I love it. I wonder why I didn’t think of that. I love when, in hindsight, things are so obvious, yet an author strings me along, making me wonder.

The killer…The Whisper Man…is s creepy because of the ease with which he lures the children in.

Pete, the lead investigator, has a history with The Whisper Man. I quickly came to care for this flawed character. He’s not a young hunk, but he does go to the gym and works hard at keeping himself in shape. He keeps his mind and his body occupied. He can also whip up a delicious meal.

At 70%…Hmmm… Got my imagination going with the dialogue and Jake’s thoughts. There has been a subtle threat of danger lurking on every page and I am waiting…sometimes the waiting and the ideas of what is to come is worse than what really happens. Will that be the case?

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Whisper Man by Alex North.

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4 Stars


In this dark, suspenseful thriller, Alex North weaves a multi-generational tale of suspense, as a father and son are caught in the crosshairs of an investigation to catch a serial killer preying on a small town.

After the sudden death of his wife, Tom Kennedy believes a fresh start will help him and his young son Jake heal. A new beginning, a new house, a new town. Featherbank.

But the town has a dark past. Twenty years ago, a serial killer abducted and murdered five residents. Until Frank Carter was finally caught, he was nicknamed “The Whisper Man,” for he would lure his victims out by whispering at their windows at night.

Just as Tom and Jake settle into their new home, a young boy vanishes. His disappearance bears an unnerving resemblance to Frank Carter’s crimes, reigniting old rumors that he preyed with an accomplice. Now, detectives Amanda Beck and Pete Willis must find the boy before it is too late, even if that means Pete has to revisit his great foe in prison: The Whisper Man.

And then Jake begins acting strangely. He hears a whispering at his window…

ABOUT ALEX NORTH (from Amazon)

Alex North was born in Leeds, England, where he now lives with his wife and son. He studied Philosophy at Leeds University and prior to becoming a writer, he worked there in their sociology department.

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