Evils Surrounds Them – In The House of Leviathan by B D Bruns #BDBRuns


In The House of Leviathan by B D Bruns has such an eerie cover with a ghothic ghostly feel to it, that I would have grabbed this for that reason alone.

How about you? Do covers affect you like that or are you drawn to a book for another reason?

In the House of Leviathan

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I love the eerie, gothic cover for In The House of the Leviathan by B D Bruns. It fits the story inside, which takes place in 1863.

Monsters and spirits, gossip and fear. Who is to say what is the truth.

Could the Leviathan be terrorizing the sea? Could the spirits be terrorizing the papermill? It will test their faith in God.

On the beautiful, inviting Amalfi Coast of Italy, a spirit is terrorizing the town, it’s anger knowing no bounds, seeking…

Who is next? Why?

There are those who give their all and there are those who let their anger and jealousy fly, never caring who pays the price, just striking out.

I enjoyed the story, which was not quite what I was expecting. Did that affect my rating…I don’t know.

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“An absorbing story that sacrifices light predictability for depth and solid development, making In the House of Leviathan a standout.” – Midwest Book Review

From 3X Book of the Year winner comes an edge of the seat paranormal thriller in the exotic Amalfi coast. An exorcism was the first thought but last desire of Giuseppe. His contentment working with his sister at their ancient paper mill in 1860s Italy is shattered when he witnesses Old Man Grapaldi summoning the Devil. Omens from the sea threaten the village and bizarre, violent happenings at their mill threaten his family. With their church rocked by inner turmoil and so many good men succumbing to dark secrets, Giuseppe himself must overcome his fears and his physical handicap to save his beloved sister. 


B.D. BrunsBrian David Bruns has traveled to over 50 countries to gather material for his bestselling books. He’s won over 20 national and international book awards, including the USA REBA Grand Prize. On two separate occasions he has been featured on ABC 20/20. 

Bruns’ travel adventures span from entering the Pyramids of Giza and swimming in the Panama Canal to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and touring Torture Museums in Estonia. He has attended ceremonies from the descendants of cannibals in the South Pacific and has been consulted by a ghost tour in Malta. After residing in Dracula’s hometown for several years, Bruns moved to Las Vegas with his Romanian wife, where they live with two cats, Julius and Caesar.

He usually writes as Brian David Bruns.


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