The Horse Whisperer – Review for Blaze of Glory by M Garzon @mgarzonauthor

Blaze of Glory by M Garzon has all the elements for a wonderful romance.

This is not my usual genre, but something about this book spoke to me.

When I was finished reading it, I knew why.

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Blaze of Glory is a romance that will have you following this horse whisperer through the pages of her life, including all the angst and passion that a 17 year old girl carries with her. Her trials and tribulations kept me involved and wondering how everything was going to work out okay and become a happy ending.

I love horses and think they are magnificent creatures. I love to watch them in motion and imagine myself riding, with the wind blowing across my face and through my hair, my heart pounding with the hoofbeats, as we race across the ground. How exhilarating a feeling is that?

Tea is an independent, sassy, strong willed, hardworking girl that has a special affinity with horses. Her impulsiveness gets her in trouble over and over again.

Her parents had died and Tea and her brother are living with her stepfather. Jaden, her older “cousin” (by circumstance only, not a blood relation) gives her butterflies and sweaty palms, her heart throbs when she is near him. Her love for him could very well destroy her already dysfunctional relationship with her stepfather.

I am an action junkie, but I was not kept waiting for a murder, magic or adventure. I knew this was not that kind of story.

This is Tea’s story. M Garzon would lead me up to the moment of the kiss, then deny me. I felt it was going to happen, but when.

A clean romance that kept me hanging on, wishing and hoping that Tea would become the professional horse rider she wishes to be and capture the love of her heart’s desire.

I chose the book knowing it wasn’t an action-packed thriller. Tea’s story kept me involved and waiting for what would come next. The ending answers all the questions I had, yet leaves the book open to continue Tea’s story.

“Small as a kitten, brave as a tiger.”

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Book 1 of the Blaze of Glory series – recommended on the USA TODAY website.

Last year, I had it all. Two jumpers on the show circuit, a lot of wins, and a lot of attention – the good kind. But now I have nothing. My life is circling the drain. The only spark of light that exists for me is my new, forbidden passion. If my stepfather finds out, he will kill me. My twin brother, my only blood relative in the world, has already begged me not to. But I can’t help myself. If it can’t be horses, it has to be this.


m. garzonM. Garzon rode horses professionally for ten years, until an injury prompted a career change. She returned to school and completed a BSc; then, for good measure, an MBA. After several years of toiling as a business consultant, she turned to writing in a desperate bid to regain her sanity. A mom of two fabulous children, she lives in St-Lazare, QC and considers herself extremely fortunate to be a writer.


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