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Welcome to the 4th of July Summer of Reading Giveaway!

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Science Fiction


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Love, Honor & Hope – 8 Authors & 8 Labors of Love #LHHBlast

As the Fourth of July approaches, we are all thinking patriotic thoughts and showing the United States of America colors, especially when watching the World Cup.

I can think of no better way to salute our soldiers, than to show them a little love.

*All proceeds will benefit The United States War Veteran’s PTSD Foundation*

Love, Honor & Hope

You can find it HERE! Ninety nine cents on Kindle.

8 Authors.
8 Labors of Love
One Fantastic Cause
Publication Date: June 24, 2014 

Genre: Romance Anthology
Find out more at:


The Authors and their Stories

Jennifer Theriot, Out of the Box Awakening
Swept from her perfect paper-doll life in Houston, Olivia finds herself in Chicago, alone, betrayed, and far from home. Ash is the man who has everything—everything except healing from the losses of a lifetime. What happens when the married woman and the sexy handsome widower are thrown together by fate?
Aubree Lane, Early One Morning
Stuck in San Diego, dealing with unreasonable clients and babysitting Marissa’s kids, a jealous Annie Harper catches the red-eye out of LAX wanting to intercept Terence and foil her best friend’s plans. This envious act uncovers a scandalous affair, and in that one pivotal moment, none of their lives would ever be the same.
Jennifer Yarbrough, Lost and Found
A tragic accident changes Olivia Porter’s life in ways no woman should experience. With the help of a friend she tries to pick up the pieces and suddenly Cash Kingston appears giving her one more chance at happiness…will she take the chance or keep hiding from pain?
Diane Rinella, Scary Modsters 
While under the influence of insomnia-impaired judgment, Rosalyn summons Rock ‘n Roll deity Peter Lane back from the dead. Not only does he spin her hormones into a frenzy, Peter is also the precarious puzzle piece that brings sense into her world. When Niles learns that he can overcome his life-long challenge by helping Peter avenge his death, how far will he go to secure Rosalyn’s heart?
Kelly Cozzone,  Tropical Dreams 
Tropical Dreams is a tale of love, murder and conspiracy. Can Tiana Alexander overcome her past to learn to love again? Can David Murphy let go of the demons who haunt him. Can they face the future together or will life finally take its toll and their lives?
Linda Lee Williams, Sisters of the Night
Can there be a happily ever after for Emaline Hoffbrau, Juliana Slater and Gretchen Eberhardt, three modern-day vampire women?
Cherime MacFarlane, Heart of the Hunter
Leda is a teacher just out of school, who has not had time for love. Jay takes her by surprise, a soft spoken slightly broken man who lives with only his dog, for company. Leda sees something in Jay she needs to pursue. She should stay away from Jay. But can she? Who is the hunter and who is the hunted?
Sammie J, Piece of Heaven

Aaron Calnan has seen enough of the horrors of war. Now, Aaron finds himself immersed in a world where humans work within the realms of the paranormal, where Werewolves and Vampires become friends and Fae like to kick your ass. One encounter changes everything and Aaron finds his life turned upside down. Will he finally find his own piece of heaven?

Find this amazing anthology on Amazon and Barnes&Noble!

*All proceeds will benefit The United States War Veteran’s PTSD Foundation*




Click on the cover to get your Amazon copy of Love, Honor, Hope.


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My Adventures – I saw the Odyssey, a Wahoo, and a Kazoo

I would like to take a moment to say “Thank You” to all our service men and women.

My Adventures – I saw the Odyssey, a Wahoo, and a Kazoo.

Let tell you about our weather. It has been raining buckets for days here in the panhandle of Florida, but like my hubby says, it never rains on the Funman. So, we began our adventure in the morning by going to the marina in downtown Pensacola.

The Funman and I started Fourth of July by shooting the Odyssey, a member of the Sea Shepherd fleet and Ocean Alliance, which was in town saving the whales! Yes there are whales in the Gulf of Mexico.

 Ocean Alliance collects a broad spectrum of data on whales and ocean life relating particularly to toxicology, behavior, bio-acoustics, and genetics. From that data we work with our scientific partners to advise educators and policy makers on wise stewardship of the oceans to: reduce pollution, prevent the collapse of marine mammal populations, maintain human access to fish and other sea life, and promote ocean and human health.

Ocean Alliance is concerned with the conservation of whales and all sea life, as well as human impacts on the marine environment. Through the Ocean Alliance program the Voyage of the Odyssey, we were able to focus on measuring the concentrations of synthetic contaminants that adversely affect the world’s oceans and its marine species.

Then, on to the Blue Wahoo’s baseball game. The Blue Wahoos are the farm team for  the Cincinnati Reds. They are new to the circuit, just being born in 2012. They were Organization of the Year, Ballpark of the Year and Executive of the Year for 2012.

They have a brand new stadium built on the shores of Pensacola Bay. They are currently ranked third in the Southern League Standings.

A lot of the workers were dressed and showing their patriotism for all the baseball fans.

I was the first one to get a ball, but Funman manged to get one too. We happily add them to our bucket of balls that we collect. What do we do with them? We look at them and say, “Oh, look at our pretty bucket of balls.”

Good times, good beer and good food. WE WON!!!!

For some chuckles, take a look at these Supernatural videos:

Eye of the Tiger and Bloopers

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