Six Year Old Killer Triplets – Murderous Little Darlings by John Hennessy @ _JohnHennessy


After reading this Murderous Little Darlings novella by John Hennessy, I ‘thirst’ for the full length story. All this did was whet my appetite for more.

Murderous Little Darlings by John Hennessy was FREE at the time of scheduling, but be sure and look for the “0”.

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OMG, Rocco sucks the blood, then sucks his thumb, and my sick little mind smiles at the picture in my head, as I read about these six year old triplets who go on a murderous rampage, and Marcus knows no one will suspect them, because they are only six years old when the first murder happens…BUT, to really make this a great story, I think John Hennessy needs to make it a full length novel, thus filling in the details and plot holes that left me wanting….MORE.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 3 Stars


2016 saw the release of the prequel to this title, called Dawn of the New Breed.

You may wish to read this first, but it is not necessary in order to enjoy Murderous Little Darlings).

Three siblings. An endless list of victims. A whole lot of time to kill.

* * *

With two specimens of the undead on either side of her, Juliana knew there was no escape. Kill the one they had selected for her, or be killed, and become one of them. What had the neighbours in the road called them, back when their childhood pranks were just that?

Oh yes, she remembered now. Murderous Little Darlings. They had the faces of angels, but possessed the very soul of the Devil.

Marcus had fully embraced his vampire side from the moment he was born. Rocco was the second eldest, and had fought the temptation all of his life. Then Marcus finally broke him.

That just left Juliana. Will she resist them, or join in the hunt?


About A Tale of Vampires Series:-

There will be **seven books in the series, novella style, that are separate, standalone stories, but link up to one big story in the end. Of course, they are best read in order.

Recommended for ages 14 and over.

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Review – Life Descending

by John Hennessey

Life Descending (The Cry of Havoc, #1)
After killing his boss, Tom Navo found himself on the roof. One voice told him to jump, the other said no, don’t do it. Before he knew it, he stepped off, all the while listening to the voices in his head argue. He grabbed for a railing, but couldn’t hold on. When he felt all was lost, just waiting for the splat on the pavement, he found himself on a lounge chair, bruised and broken, but alive. He left the building and to avoid a passing cop, slid into a market.

As he sat at a table, eating and drinking, a robber came in. In all the confusion, Tom and the robber made a break for it at the same time. The voices spoke to him and he saw a vision of a man with a crown wearing a robe covered in gold and jewels telling him he will rescue him as he runs for the door, gets shot and then run down by an SUV.

A girl came by and said, “Welcome to the Waiting Room, take a number please”. A man sitting next to him told him the waiting time was so he had time to decide what room he would enter and what he wanted to become. When he realized he felt no pain, he knew he was dead and the doors would lead to his afterlife. When he asked how Ferrick knew all this, he said it was in the book. But Tom didn’t have a book. Everyone else there did, so Ferrick handed his book to Tom. Tom glanced at it and handed it back, only to have a book magically appear in his hands.

When he rifled through the pages, he read, “I have saved you from the fool”. He dropped the book and puked all over it. He felt better after he dropped it, but it was gone when he looked back for it. Something wasn’t right.

When his number was called, Tom opened the door and began going down, down, down, down …. and fell asleep. When he awoke, he was in the Stained Lands of Hell – the land of the dead. Is he dead? Is he dreaming? Magic? Insanity?

Disclaimer: I received this book in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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I also read, At The End, by John Hennessy. I like his books and find them entertaining. The cover was OK and the title was appropriate. I always like when they pertain to the story. It took me about a quarter of the way through to really get into the book. So don’t give up too early. It is worth getting to the end. I like this author and will be on the lookout for more of his books to read.

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