Must Reads from Bestselling Author Vicki McKeehan @vickiemckeehan


The Evil Secrets Trilogy by Vicki McKeehan sticks in my mind to this day. I love strong female characters and this stand alone romantic suspense series contains them in spades. Each novel tells one of the friends story, which is full of thrills and chills and hours of fantastic reading.

I read them early in my blogging days and it is fun to see the progression I have made in writing my reviews.

These fabulous covers create a brand for the trilogy. You sure don’t want to mess with these ladies and their lovable, hunky male partners.


MY 5 STAR REVIEWS:  Just Evil Deeper Evil  /  Ending Evil

I still love the cover for Just Evil the best. The colors are rich and vivid and the tree is descriptive of the story, encompassing all the characters and subplots, branching out from the main storyline. Which do you like best?

I have also read a couple other novels by her and loved them too. She is a fantastic writer and crosses genres with ease.

The Sky Cree romantic suspense series has another strong female character, a warrior, with a Nez Perce Indian heritage. These novels stand alone, but I look forward to continuing the series. You can see my 5 star review by clicking on the cover, which has the old cover. Which do you like best?

The Bones of Others (Skye Cree, #1)Vicki McKeehan’s Pelican Pointe romance series is another hit. I would have grabbed Promise Cove just because of this gorgeous cover and the location. The Goodreads book blurb says it will hold me breathless to the last page, how about the last sentence. You can read my 5 star review by clicking on the cover. What do you think of the cover? Does it make you want to grab it…NOW?

Promise Cove (Pelican Pointe, #1)Which series appeals to you most and why? Did you grab one for yourself?

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