2017 Blogger Review Shame Challenge


Yes. We’re hanging our heads in some blogger-girl shame. lol
The Blogger Shame challenge is a cheeky way to admit our guilt…and go about fixing it. Tackling those review books that have slipped through the cracks over the years. Any review book over 4 months past due is game!
Any review book that is 4+ months PAST DUE.
Yep. Only OLD review requests that have slipped through the cracks count.
Any format, any length.
I saw this a little while ago and thought what a great way to motivate myself to get to some reviews that I have shamefully let fall through the cracks. I am shooting for as many as possible so I can relieve my nagging, guilty conscience.
Stay tuned for my list:
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7 thoughts on “2017 Blogger Review Shame Challenge

  1. I don’t review many that were requests now but I always have them as top priority if they come along so thankfully I’ve never been in this situation! Pity I can’t say the same about all the bought books on my TBR!

  2. Good luck! And thank you for the reminder. I’d started the year strong with this one but maybe forgot the last couple months. lol

    Happy reading! And reviewing!

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