A Mind Blowing Betrayal in A Killing Truth by @dvberkom

DV Berkom is back today with her new prequel to the Leine Basso stand alone series, A Killing Truth. I have been very curious about Leine’s life as a government assassin, before she started chasing down serial killers, and now I get to know how she came to be the person she is today and the mind blowing betrayal that changed her life forever.

So come along on another grand adventure as the action and suspense take us down a long and ugly road of betrayal of the worst kind.

And if you missed DV Berkom’s guest post on Writing a Killer as Your Main Character, you can check it out HERE and enter the giveaway.

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The Leine Basso series by DV Berkom is jam packed with action and adventure and Leine Basso is one badass protagonist that I would love to have on my side in my time of need. When I found out DV Berkom was going to write her story about before she started hunting down serial killers and taking out drug cartel, I thought, bring it on.

I have been looking forward to learning about Leine Basso before…

Leine Basso is an ex assassin, strong on the outside, yet soft on the inside, even though she does her best to hide it from everyone. She is super smart and does what needs to be down, no matter how tough the job.

What drove her to quit her government job as an assassin?

The betrayal by her boss leads to horrific consequences for Leine, so tragic, that it will haunt her for the rest of her life as she struggles to reconcile with her daughter. Will she ever be able to have a “normal” life…well, normal to her. You know love, a relationship, a man you can trust with your life. She has sacrificed so much, she deserves a chance at happiness…and DV…I believe you will give it to her. Right? LOL

I had wondered if I may be disappointed with A Killing Truth because I have been wanting to see how DV Berkom would write her story ever since I met Leine Basso. Now, I can breathe a sigh of relief. Disappointed? NO WAY. I am not surprised that this prequel is my favorite Leine Basso story yet. It explains her motivations, at the same time it is filled with action packed danger and suspense that kept me hanging on every word.

I found that I am happy I didn’t know her story before hand. It carries so much more meaning for me now and I feel her sense of betrayal and my anger makes me wonder how she could have ever allowed him to live and breathe. I am so pissed off, I don’t know how Leine manages. I never saw the twisted story that DV Berkom created and I love/hate it. I love it because it was such a horrible surprise that, in hindsight, I should have caught, but DV wrote it in such a way that shes slid it right by me. Excellent job! And I hate it because…well…you will have to read it to find out for yourself.

I received a copy of A Killing Truth by DV Berkom in return for an honest review.

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And if you missed DV Berkom’s guest post on Writing a Killer as Your Main Character, you can check it out HERE and enter the giveaway.


Before serial killers and drug cartels, Leine faced the ultimate betrayal…

Leine eliminates terrorists for a living. After a routine assassination almost gets her killed, she chalks it up to a fluke. Her lover and fellow assassin, Carlos, has another idea altogether. He thinks their boss is setting them up for a fall.

When Carlos goes missing and a bombing thwarts another mission, Leine suspects the stakes are far higher than she could ever imagine, and wonders if the man in charge might have it in for her after all.

A Killing Truth is the prequel to the award-winning Leine Basso thriller series of crime novels. If you like no-nonsense heroines, page-turning plots, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love D.V. Berkom’s tension-filled series.

Download A Killing Truth to find out how the story began…

Image of D.V. Berkom ABOUT DV BERKOM

DV Berkom is a slave to the voices in her head. As the author of two popular thriller series (Leine Basso and Kate Jones), her love of creating resilient, kick-*ss female characters stems from a lifelong addiction to reading spy novels, mysteries, and thrillers, and longing to find the female equivalent within those pages.

Raised in the Midwest, she received her BA in political science from the University of Minnesota and promptly moved to Mexico to live on a sailboat. Many, many cross-country moves (and several years) later, she now lives just outside of Seattle, Washington with the love of her life, Mark, an ex-chef-turned contractor, and writes every chance she gets.

And if you missed DV Berkom’s guest post on Writing a Killer as Your Main Character, you can check it out HERE and enter the giveaway.

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4 thoughts on “A Mind Blowing Betrayal in A Killing Truth by @dvberkom

  1. Sweet! THANK YOU for the awesome review, Sherry 🙂 I’m thrilled that you liked AKT. It was difficult to write, not only because of the horrific emotional toll on Leine, but also because I had dropped clues in the other books hinting at the betrayal and wanted to remain true to the original story. So glad to know my nefarious plan worked 😀

  2. My corner of the blogosphere is filled with thrillers today. Perfect because that’s exactly my reading mood so I’ve been collecting titles for my next bout. This sounds good, thanks for the feature!

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