My Adventures #9 – I’m a little bit Country – 2014 Night Train Tour

Mr F and I, his trusty production assistant, had a gig at The Wharf Amphiteather in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

WHARFThe Amphiteather at the Wharf has an awesome country trio for the 2014 Night Train tour – Tyler Farr is the opening act for Florida Georgia Line with Jason Aldean wrapping it up.

I was so excited to hear Florida Georgia Line would be playing. As soon as I heard their song Cruise on the radio during a road trip, I knew it would be a hit. I am unable to share, but be sure to follow the link below and listen to this upbeat song that describes the southern lifestyle for me. I cannot help but sing and dance along with it. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I played it 6 times while I was writing this post. LOL

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

Lucky me!!!!

IMG_0260Tyler Hubbard (Monroe, Georgia) and Brian Kelley (Ormond Beach, Florida) are the Florida Georgia Line. Looking at their hometowns, you can see where they got their name.

What’s my next adventure?

Stay tuned and I will be happy to tell you about it.


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11 thoughts on “My Adventures #9 – I’m a little bit Country – 2014 Night Train Tour

    • That’s what I thought two. I liked the feeling of being in the middle of the sandwich. lol

  1. Great song! Listening to it while I write this comment!
    Love the picture of you with the cuties! Lucky you!
    I love your “photo montages” of your adventures.

    • I love the song and could hardly believe that I not only got to meet them, but I got to get my pic with them. Mr F is really handy at making the montages – he gets lost in the office sometimes and I have to check and make sure he is okay. LOL

  2. Just had to tell you, a contestant on American Idol sang this song this week!!! And I knew it and knew who Florida Georgia Line were only because of this post!
    Tyler and Brian even did a quick video message to the contestant. And I was like, my book reviewer friend has a picture of herself with them!!!! So cool! It was quite exciting. (I live a boring life.)

    • That is so cool Taylor! They are a couple of cuties with great personalities. Funny how things happen. ^_^

    • Thanks Emily. Have a couple more interviews we will be doing this weekend, so we shall see who will be featured next. ^_^

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