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Trees on a cover will get my attention every time.

There is something mysterious about trees and if you take a look at this cover, I think you will see it too.

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Night Chill
Jeff Gunhus
Publication date: May 31st 2013
Genres: Adult, Supernatural, Thriller

Jack Tremont moves his family to the quiet mountains of Western Maryland hoping to leave behind a troubled past and restart his life. Instead, he finds himself caught up in a nightmare when his daughter Sarah is targeted by Nate Huckley, a mysterious and horrifying stranger driven by a dark power that will stop at nothing to possess Sarah. When Sarah goes missing, suspicion falls on Jack and he must uncover the secrets of the small mountain town of Prescott City and face the evil secret hidden there. As he digs further, he learns the conspiracy reaches more deeply than he could have imagined. Finally, he will have to face the question, What is a father willing to do to save his child? The answer? Anything. Anything at all.


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Jack approached Piper’s and acknowledged the drunken man leaning against the wall.

Then SHE said, “Run while you can.”

From that point on, I was off and running, too. Jeff aroused my curiosity and curious minds must know.


I have seen Jeff’s books around, even participated in some tours for him, but this is the first book of his I have read. Because I loved this book, The Templar Chronicles will be added to my TBR list ASAP.

The cover screamed chilly, ghostly.

The writing was so detailed and smooth, at times I felt I was walking side by side with Jack. It was a walk I willingly accepted, but never anticipated how bad the journey would be.

Jeff Gunhus does an excellent job of keeping the level of mystery and suspense high throughout the entirety of Night Chill.

I kept waiting and waiting as more details came to light – waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop.

The writing went back and forth between Jack and Lauren’s perspectives. The suspense seemed to last forever. Jeff Gunhus would leave me hanging with Jack then go to Lauren. He would then leave me hanging with Lauren and go to Jack. He kept the level of suspense so high, building and building, until I felt my heart pounding and my head spinning. I love this.

When Jack pulled into the rest area, I had a feeling of dread? I could feel goosebumps and the hair stand up on my arms and neck. Creepy, scariness started and kept on going and going – like the Energizer bunny. I could hardly catch my breath before another awful thing came at Jack.

Jeff Gunhus’ description of Jack driving through the rainstorm was so familiar. Being from the Gulf Coast, popup thunderstorms are not unusual.  I hear the rain pounding on the top of the car. I see the wipers flashing across the windshield, unable to keep up. I feel the tensions in my body as he clutches the steering wheel struggling to see through the downpour.

I fell for Lonetree. I liked his elusiveness, as I tried to figure out his part in this horrific story. Is he going to be the hero that appears out of nowhere? Well, you will have to read the book for yourself to find out what he is doing in the small town of Prescott City?

The evil. What is it? Is it a supernatural demon from hell or just the human kind of monster?

The shit hit the fan and Jack was faced with the decision – drugs or action – he chose to act.

OH NO!. Is he really going into the cave? How many times have we seen this scenario? I mean, come on, we all know, don’t go in the cave. But…..I love it!!

“Welcome to Hell.”

Curiouser and curiouser.

Now, Jeff Gunhus takes us to Sarah, Jack and Lauren’s daughter. Sarah rolled the ball down the hall and I knew something bad was going to happen. My anticipation made me sit up straighter as if to brace myself for what is to come. I was very afraid for her and found myself calling out to her, telling her to leave it alone, let the ball go. Nooooo.

Why Sarah? Why are they so determined to take her, to kill her?

I love myths and legends. Cultures, sacrifice, civilizations little known, rituals, and Native American folklore.

When Lauren was in the most trouble and I thought it may be the end of her, Jeff gave me such a surprise. He gave a little hint and I thought something may be up, but until the end, I never saw the connection.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 STARS – Would Buy It For Them (lol)

I received this book in return for an honest and unbiased review. I look forward to reading his Templar Chronicle series.

Hi Jeff. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review Night Chill.

I have been to the City Dock Café and I can see why you choose such a fabulous place to work on your next novel. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime.

We are all touched when we hear of a missing child. For more information or to see what you can do, go to


In addition to writing supernatural thrillers for adults, Jeff Gunhus is also the author of the Middle Grade/YA series The Templar Chronicles. ( The first book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, was written in an effort to get his reluctant reader eleven-year old son excited about reading. It worked and a new series was born and recognized as a 2012 Forward Reviews Book of the Year Finalist. Jeff has been a Stephen King and Dean Koontz fan since he was a kid reading their novels under the covers at night. Seeing Night Chill next to King and Koontz on the Amazon Bestseller lists has been a surreal experience. He leads an active lifestyle in Maryland with his wife Nicole and five incredible kids. In rare moments of quiet, he can be found in the back of the City Dock Cafe in Annapolis working on his next novel.

To get you copy of Night Chill, or learn more about Jeff Gunhus, click on the cover below.


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  1. Dang. I really want to read your review! I’ll stop back by tomorrow after I post mine and check it out. I did catch your rating and it looks like we agree on this one!!!

    • I loved it and can hardly wait to read the Templar Chronicles. I’ll be looking for your review tomorrow.

      • Sounds like Jeff got us! This was an awesome book. I love Native American folklore and I agree, the suspense was agony. I also caught a little something about Lauren and I loved how the author wrapped this one up. Another exciting review Sherry!

  2. Great review! I love that kind of vivid writing where you can literally see yourself walking the world in the book! This one is definitely right up my alley!

    • Night Chill was written so well, I really did feel as if I was walking through the story with the characters. I’m glad to hear that this book makes you want to read it as much as it did me. Good luck in the giveaway.

    • You are very welcome Jeff. I am looking forward to reading your other works and will look out for you the next time I am at the City Dock Cafe. ^_^

    • That’s a fact and the reason I had tor read this. There is so much going on, I can’t help but look at it every time I come back and see what else is hidden in there. Don’t want to miss anything. I think it gets creepier the more I look at it. LOL

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