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Book Title Come the Eventide by Chris Riker
Category YA Fiction / Adult Fiction, 330 pages
Genre:  YA Eco-Sci-Fiction / Fantasy
Publisher:  Lanier Press
Release date:   June, 2019
Tour Dates: October 14 to October 25, 2019
Content Rating:  PG (There are mature themes, but nothing graphic or gratuitous)



An original and unique novel of life after the destruction caused by human. Humans, dolphins, and octopodes work together for survival. Told from all characters POV, whether human, dolphin or…

I love any books that relate to water and ecology and the creatures that live there.

Man’s inhumanity to man and everything else on the planet is nothing new. Nothing they won’t do to get what they want and the critters do hold grudges…so beware.

I was entranced, enthralled, disgusted and horrified, tense and frightened, hopeful and dismayed.

Man poisoned the earth and ecologies and species have been decimated and destroyed.

I didn’t see the twist in Chapter 14, but it makes perfect sense. And I love it. I read Come Eventide by Chris Riker in one sitting…because I had to know.

I read slower than normal, not wanting to miss a thing. I had to concentrate to follow and be surprised.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Come Eventide by Chris Riker.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos
4 Stars

A century has passed since the fall of humanity changed the natural landscape. The oceans are poison, and a fraction of Earth’s magnificent creatures remain. The only surviving humans squabble over limited resources as they cling to a fragile peace. Yet in this bleak landscape hope lives on in Earth’s other intelligent life. It all begins when Septielle, a seven-armed octopod, has a vision of a world restored—a world she will not live to see. Inspired by her vision, a dolphin named Muriel shoulders her mission and enlists any humans who will listen—including Anadare, a young islander with an ax to grind against the oppressive ruling class of tourists turned bureaucrats. An invasion of cannibalistic pirates complicates things as they declare war on a world that rejects them.

As tensions rise to a crescendo, islanders, tourists, and pirates alike must put aside their differences to send Muriel on her greatest journey yet—beyond the sea, beyond form, beyond time itself.

In his first novel, Chris Riker conducts an opus in voce giocoso that grins at the inevitable, but reminds us of the heart that all life shares.



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Chris Riker is a writer, father, and journalist. He grew up in Rhode Island and now makes his home in Georgia with his wife, Ping. He has always loved books, from science-fiction and fantasy to historical novels and biographies. Building on a background in broadcast news, including a stint at CNN, he is now focused on telling stories with strong characters and moral resonance. His premiere effort blends a love for our beautiful Earth and her myriad life-forms with a sense of wonder at our shared purpose and fate.

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24 thoughts on “Giveaway & Review – Come the Eventide by Chris Riker @iReadBookTours

  1. Come the Eventide sounds like it offers readers an emotional and thought-provoking experience worthy of deep discussion. Thank you for sharing!

    • One person can’t fix everything… but, there are 7.5 billion of us. We can do some amazing things. Let’s clean our Mama Planet, one small act at a time!

    • i have seen some too and it makes me sad. i love everything to do with the water and it makes me wonder why more can’t be done. i know out recycling has its own issues and even though i do recycle, i wonder how much the company that collects it really does with it

      • Don’t let the size of the problem overwhelm you. You can do what you can do, that’s all. There’s a character in my book who does a lot… then realizes it can’t all be done by one… and goes on to “live a life.” Do what you can. Here’s one we can all do today: smile. No kidding. Nothing defeats the emptiness and cynicism that’s at the heart of evil faster than real human relationships. Just smile at someone for no reason, just because we’re human. It’s worth a try.

      • Honestly, we can each do one small thing per day. Commit to not using plastic bags. Bring a reusable sack or three to the market. Plant one tree this year. Encourage your kids to have smaller families. Here’s a cheap, easy one: smile. I’m very serious. Evil is selfishness. The opposite is caring. Smile. Costs nothing, makes people want to work together. Give it a try.

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