Review of Diva by Susan Fleet plus a Free Thriller

Susan Fleet does her research, and if you visit her Website, you will see that she keeps up with a lot of news, past and current, that deals with the depravities of the criminal world.

She also has a free thriller being offered through July 26, 2013. I posted the freebie earlier, but just in case you didn’t get your copy of Absolution, you can get it HERE. To see my 5 STAR Review, go HERE.

Now, on to Diva.


Diva (Frank Renzi, #2) Add Shudder to Goodreads

Belinda Scully, a solo flutist and soon to be famous, he thought. Today he would send her a message.

Renzi was just finishing up, when she walked into the precinct. Her escort insisted someone tried to run her over. Belinda shrugged it off, playing the Diva. Renzi knew neither of them was telling the whole truth, but before he could question them further, the phone rang. He was called away.

Belinda would repeat, over and over, “never give in to fear. Act successful and you will be successful. Believe in yourself and you cannot fail.” She behaved like a Diva to protect herself.

It was the thirteenth anniversary of her brother’s death. And it was the day before Friday the 13th. She avoided everything thirteen, but sometimes things are out of our control.

Belinda was returning home from a successful performance concert in London. She watched as the SUV followed her, keeping pace with her. Suddenly, it veered and slammed into the back of her Infiniti.

Frank had told her to call if anything happened. But what could she tell him?

Two accidents and now the letters were getting angry and threatening. Following Renzi’s suggestion, she hired a body guard.

“I know all your secrets Belinda. What would your fans think if they knew?”

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos   5 STARS – Would Highly RecommendTo Others

Susan’s covers are always great. They show the upcoming story inside the pages, making me want to find out what depravity has been inflicted on someone now. lol

I love all the detail she packed in her book. The story is very well written and draws me in quickly, not letting go until the end. She seems to pick topics that get my blood boiling and my anger levels at their maximum. I feel disgust and hatred for the evil that her characters inflict on the innocent and always cheer when they get their comeuppance. And I am quite comfortable walking the streets her characters walk through New Orleans.

Renzi is a bit of a rebel. He believes in right and wrong and sometimes he bends the rules to do the right thing. He likes dark haired sexy women, with a sense of humor – like Jane Russell. I loved the way Jane Russell bantered with Robert Mitchum in the movies from the 50’s. Susan’s use of this example helps me to understand and get into Renzi’s relationship with Kelly. Of course, Renzi plays a trumpet and loves Jazz, it is New Orleans after all. I like that Susan includes these personal touches of her life into her books. Gives the books a feeling of authenticity.

Susan’s descriptions of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are detailed and will help you to picture what the town was like. The line between fiction and reality was definitely blurred to me.

New Orleans is not known for having the best police force to begin with. Now, with crime off the charts, the thugs in paradise dealing drugs and killing just to killl, it can be a dangerous place to live. Some of the worst atrocities were focused on women and with the shortage of police, it was an uphill battle.

It was a little over a year since Katrina and Renzi thought the thugs were winning the battle. So much devastation and trash, empty houses, squatters and crime. Much of the population did not return. How would they get back and what was there to come back to? Would they have a house, a job…..It all smacks of reality.

I have been to New Orleans many times before and after Hurricane Katrina. I pass through Mississippi on the way there. The devastation is still very visible and impossible to miss. In Florida, it is obvious as well – the loss of beach, the starkness of the dead landscape, slabs of concrete where houses used to be – it will never be the same, but change is inevitable and the allure of the gorgeous waters of the Gulf of Mexico call to me.

Like all things in Nature, the land does try to find the balance. Too bad people don’t work the same way.

Can you imagine a stalker? Knowing your every move, calling over and over, sending you letters. The creepiness of knowing they have been in your home, touching your things and who knows what else. The shadows in the corners, jumping at every noise.   Looking over your shoulder everywhere you go. How deadly could or would it become? How would you get over it?

There have been enough real life stalker deaths of famous people to highlight the dangers and show us how real it can be. Imagine how bad it would be for us, the average joe, without the money and ability to hire protection.

Stalkers take a lot of time and effort to plan. Their fantasy and desire override any sense of reality and wrongness. They will kill to eliminate a competitor or threat or just to be noticed.

So, to sum it up, another fantastic book from Susan Fleet and I am definitely looking forward to more trips to New Orleans with her. And, as usual, her books create all these thoughts and feelings that I must let out, so forgive my rambling on. That’s why they have 5 STAR ratings. LOL

I picked up this book on an Amazon free day. Thank you Susan Fleet for you generosity.


Susan Fleet   Music & Mayhem is my game. Started my trumpet career in my teens, got into the mayhem later. My print journalist father taught me how to play pool in the police station. Maybe that’s how I discovered my dark side.

After gigging on trumpet in the Boston area for many years (while teaching at Brown University and Berklee College of Music), I moved to New Orleans, which became the setting for my crime thrillers.

I survived Katrina, but moved back to Boston in 2010. On my website I post profiles of women musicians and just began a blog, DARK DEEDS, about serial killers, stalkers and domestic homicides. Please come visit!!

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  1. Thanks for your terrific review and commentary on DIVA. Ah, the diva is tough to take in the beginning, isn’t she? But then she sort of grows on you. 🙂 Loved your take on Frank Renzi. And Jane Russell. YES!
    Keep up the great work, Sherry

    • You are very welcome Susan. The Diva does grow on you. Just have to hang in long enough to get to know her. lol And Frank, well what can I say about Frank? I think he is awesome.

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