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GUEST POST (a journey into the mind of Ken La Salle)

As a writer, my strategy has always been to write the kinds of books I would like to read. This allows me to write in any genre I like and in whatever style I like. I’ve written horror novels (such as Wormfood Island), memoirs, love stories, and anything my heart desires.

But, at some point, writing the kinds of books I liked to read took a back seat to writing the kinds of books I felt publishers might like to read. I had self-published plenty of titles but I wanted the kind of distribution (and, I thought, marketing attention) available to a publisher.

One afternoon, as I was walking through a shopping mall parking lot with my wife (which is how these stories always begin), I was grousing about the constraints I felt as a result in this shift. When Vicky asked what I would write if I could, the answer that came out to the surprise of us both was “a series of children’s books for adults.” Like children’s books, each title would use some cute, little thing to create a lesson. Unlike children’s books, each cute, little thing would be twisted into the kind of lesson I felt adult children could use.

Thus, came Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World, the first book in a series I call Fun To Grow On. Cookies tells the story of a chocolate chip cookie with herpes who is looking for God to cure his rather incurable… affliction. Where are the benefits in looking to God for the answers to all of our problems? Therein lies the lesson. The follow-up was Puppies: Best in Stew. There will be five books in the entire series.

Since I’d already been producing my own audiobooks, I decided to make these audiobooks a little different, with a nod to my background in theater, and a bit more immersive.

What I didn’t realize was just how much Cookies would change how I looked at things. Because this experience got me thinking about the limits in audiobooks; how they’re all kind of the same old thing. Audiobooks never take you to an art museum or to the moon or to the inside of a live volcano – and it was this realization that brought forth The Most Amazing Book You’ve Ever Heard In Your Entire Life (and you’re not worth it). The Most Amazing Book is truly unlike any other audiobook in that it’s not just a story and that it uses “theater of the mind” to take the reader on a journey.

And that gave me the idea to go all the way and produce my first comedy album, inspired by “theater of the mind” innovators such as The Firesign Theatre and Monty Python. That album is due to be released early in 2016.

You never quite know where one decision will take you. My advice is to hold on and enjoy it for all its worth!

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Cover:  Ashley Nicole Stark


WARNING:  Adult language and Cookie erotica. LOL

I have been reading some heavy books and wanted something that is the total opposite. I guess you could call Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World a Cookie fairy tale or a fable. It is a tale with a moral to the story.

All I can say is SUCCESS! Laughter abounds in this creatively told story of a cookie with a problem.

Chocolate chip cookies are cookies with herpes.

I mean, really…think about it. With a start like that, I was laughing my way through the very first page. This is one Cookie’s story.

How does Ken La Salle come up with something so off the wall?

How do you tell if a cookie is male or female? Come on Ken, share the secret.

OMG, I just can’t quit laughing. A word of warning, you may not want to read this in public. People may think you are crazy when you start laughing hysterically.

Cookie scenarios keep running through my mind. Cookie genitalia. Cookie sex. Cookie VD. Do you believe there is a Cookie God?

Well, he is determined to speak to him, the Supreme Cookie Imperious, who can be found at the mall. The big question is how will he get there.

Danger abounds and it is best to keep a low profile, but also, life is short, so live it to the fullest.

You may be afraid to eat anything, unless you have grown it yourself, after reading Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World.

They discuss the badness of big business and the one percent, along with food manipulation.

Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World by Ken La Salle is a rip roaring laughfest picture book for adults. The premise is so original and creative, my head is still spinning. There is a moral to the story and it may keep you thinking long after the laughter has ended.

I received a copy of Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World by Ken La Salle in return for an honest review.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars


Goodreads Blurb:  Are the voices in your head listening to you? Oh yes. Yes, they are listening to you. They know what you’re saying. Sometimes, they talk back. Sometimes, they sing along. Sometimes, they write children’s book with hidden messages placed in plain sight with a neon bow because, hey, a little style never hurt anyone. (This, of course, ignores the Great Style Massacre of 1973.)

Welcome to “Fun To Grow On” – the new children’s book series for ADULTS. These books are not for little children or big babies. Each story is filled with blood and violence, sex and swearing – Seriously. This series is for adults. These are not parodies of children’s books but original stories for adults who still have a lot to learn… as do we all.

“Fun To Grow On” presents the very first book in the series… Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World!

When a cookie gets herpes, he decides to ask God for a cure. Can he find God in time?
Someone fed a chocolate chip cookie equal parts of blinding self-awareness, cranberry vodka, and shrooms and asked him to tell his story. Here it is, with all the pageantry you would expect from a cookie… which is probably a whole lot less than you would desire.

Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World (Fun To Grow On Book 1) ~~~~~~~~~~~~


Ken La Salle is offering two ebooks for the giveaway. All you need to do is answer the question and leave your email so I can notify you if you win.

What is your favorite cookie?

Giveaway runs 12/15 – 12/29/15


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23 thoughts on “Giveaway, Guest Post & Review – Cookies: Sluts of the Snack World by Ken La Salle

  1. My favorite cookie is Chocolate Chip. Now I’m going to be looking at them weird before taking a bite. LOL I remember you talking about this one. A must read for me now!!

    • Hmmm…never heard of those, but now I feel I need to check them out. Thanks for dropping in, Peggy.

  2. Children’s books for adults is a brilliant idea. I’ve heard of the concept before but never have I seen it done. I sure didn’t know cookies could get herpes. Hahaha!

    My favorite cookie is pumpkin chocolate chip.

    • Never had those before. I loved this book and Ken La Salle did a fantastic job of pulling it off.

  3. Loving the idea of the book and great guest post! My favorite cookie would have to be lemon iced cookies, especially the one’s from Maggiano’s–to die for!


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