Giveaway/Guest Post and Review of Love Travels Forever by Jaye Frances

Jaye Frances has some of the most beautiful covers for her books and Love Travels Forever is another beauty.

Jaye Frances has been kind enough to offer fundinmental a guest post, promo and giveaway of her new book, Love Travels Forever. I will also include my review after her post, so keep reading.
Welcome Jaye.
Thank you, Sherry, for hosting me today with my new release Love Travels Forever, an anthology of my favorite short stories and essays. Inspired by interviews and personal recollections, each one takes the reader on an emotional journey of love, passion, and inspiration that lifts the spirit and touches the heart. In “What Might Have Been,” you’ll revisit those angst-filled high school years, courtesy of a twenty-fifth class reunion and the surprise revelation of a secret love. Here’s an excerpt:
The reunion party was earmarked by all the usual characteristics: a rented banquet hall, some hastily prepared table decorations, and a few balloons taped over doorways. As I made my way to the reception table, it was impossible to ignore the unmistakable uncertainty in the air. The electric charge of youthful anticipation ever-so-present at seventeen had been replaced by awkward pauses and quick scans at nametags, making it clear how time had affected our memories—and expectations.
As I ate my wilted salad and pretended to enjoy the overdone roast beef, I reminisced with girlfriends about hairstyles, prom nights, the teachers we liked, and of course, some of the boys we dated. As we picked at the dessert—dry chocolate cake—prizes were awarded for the person who had traveled the farthest, changed the most, and been married the longest. One of the gals at the table wondered out loud if the emcee was the same overly aggressive twerp who hadn’t been able to keep his hands off the typing instructor.
As we began to run out of small talk, it became obvious that four years of high school was, in most cases, our only commonality, and a few adolescent memories could not compete with the twenty-five years of life that had passed since. As the conversation turned to career concerns, aging parents, and unappreciative offspring, I found myself drifting away from the group. Retreating to an outside patio, I sat at an empty table to collect my thoughts. I had been there less than a minute when I was approached by someone I didn’t recognize.
“Hi, Jaye, I was hoping you’d be here.”
I couldn’t place him. He was definitely familiar, but I couldn’t make the connection. I managed a few clumsy questions about mutual friends and teachers, yet I was still clueless. Then he asked if I had kept the old Chevy Nova I drove in my senior year. I felt terrible. He had recognized me, even remembering the car I used to drive. I finally had to admit it—I didn’t remember him.
“That’s okay,” he said. “It’s my fault for not wearing my nametag. I’m Neil Graham. My locker was across the hall from yours. We were also in senior English together.”
The memories came rushing back. In high school, he’d been an anomaly—good looking, athletic, smart—and painfully quiet. Seldom seen at school dances or other social functions, he didn’t seem to have a lot of friends, and yet he usually offered a smile to anyone passing by, as if silently inviting them to stop and chat.
In Love Travels Forever, Jaye Frances captures the reader’s heart with an inspiring collection of seventeen stories filled with romance and passion, the hopeful innocence of youth, and a love so strong that it transcends the mortality of life. Here are just a few of the people you’ll meet:
Evan and Frankie, a loving couple traveling through life hand-in-hand, are unaware that the shadow of fate is about to tear them apart. Helpless to change their shortened future together, one of them makes a promise—a promise of devotion and courage, honoring a love that surpasses the boundaries of time.
Mark and Janice, the perfect couple with the perfect life, are on the threshold of finally seeing their dreams come true—until an unexpected circumstance changes their lives forever.
Danny, a young soldier fresh out of boot-camp, is desperate to find a way to travel home and marry his sweetheart before being shipped overseas. Stranded in a train station on a three day pass with no hope in sight, Danny meets Wanda, an incredible woman who vows to find a way to bring Danny and his fiance together.
Nora and Georgia are two eight-year-old best friends who share giggles, dolls, and secrets. But when one of them faces sudden danger, the other responds with an unconditional act of love and forges a lifelong bond between them unaffected by fear or prejudice.
So find a quiet spot, get comfy, and grab a box of Kleenex. You’re about to take an unforgettable journey of the heart, to a place where compassion and hope have no limits, and where love continues to travel forever.
Love Travels Forever  is available now
 in kindle eBook on Amazon for $1.99
Jaye FrancesAuthor Bio:  Jaye Frances is the author of The Kure, a paranormal-occult romance novel, The Possibilities of Amy, a coming-of-age romance novella, The Cruise-All That Glitters, a humorous adult satire about love on the high seas, The Beach, a sci-fi supernatural tale about a man who is given the opportunity to receive his ultimate wish, and Love Travels Forever, a collection of poignant short stories and essays. She is also a featured columnist for the NUSA SUN magazine. Born in the Midwest, Jaye readily admits that her life’s destination has been the result of an open mind and a curiosity about all things irreverent. When she’s not consumed by her writing, Jaye enjoys cooking, traveling to all places tropical and “beachy” and taking pictures—lots of pictures—many of which find their way to her website. Jaye lives on the central gulf coast of Florida, sharing her home with one husband, six computers, four cameras, and several hundred pairs of shoes.
The cover is beautiful and leads you into the seventeen short stories of life and love.
Travel through life – not necessarily to places but to times and memories.
Love Travels Forever – the opening story, sums up the collection.
Valentines Day – holds a special surprise and has a special meaning for Jaye.
Life is Too Short For Regrets – as Cassie said, “Admit it, get over it and get on with it.”
Halloween Man – put a smile on my face and made me feel warm and fuzzy.
Packed With A Promise – I fought to read the words through the blur of tears in my eyes.
What Might Have Been – why she wrote The Possibilities of Amy.
The Angels of Ellis Island – The angels do make this a true Thanksgiving story.
Middle Age Crazy – now what? In youth we think we are invincible and are allowed to make mistakes and have fun. Then mid-life crisis – where we make adjustments to find out where we want to go and how to get there.
A Gift From the Mayans – superb ending to a captivating collection.
Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos    5 STARS – Would Buy It For Them (lol)
Full of gems of wisdom.
“Mary Ann Evan, writing as George Eliot, “The strangest principle of growth lies in human choice.”

The stories are full of choices people made. The choices we make don’t always make sense to others, but are so vital to us! Will make you feel good about your life, or maybe let you know you need to change it.

Sometimes the most important things are the little things.

Packed full of love, life, emotion, tears, happiness, smiles, heartbreak, warm and fuzzy, kindness, compassion, hope and giving. Moving, touching, beautiful, poignant stories.

Be sure to be alone, with your hanky or tissue and take time to think about what you read as you travel on Jaye’s wonderful voyage through life.
This is a book you will want to pull out again and again to read this story or that story. Not necessarily front to back. Excellent. Must have.
With so many examples of the generosity and kindness of strangers, this is the perfect time of year to give this as a gift.
I received this book in exchange for a fair and impartial review.
taiwan flag smiley animated gif Pictures, Images and Photos     Jaye Frances has offered one kindle copy of Love Travels Forever to one lucky commenter. Just answer the question – WHERE IS YOUR DREAM DESTINATION? – and leave an email address. Giveaway ends November 27, 2012.

My favorite time of any giveaway is announcing the winner. So without further ado, the winner of Love Travels Forever by Jaye Francis is:

Ann Herrick

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments. I hope you will continue to follow fundinmental.

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  2. Thanks for the wonderful stories Jaye and thank you Sherry, for another awesome review. You know how I am about short stories and collections!

    • I know, I always think of you when I see anything to do with short stories. I like your comment about Heaven. Keep on enjoying the journey, I’m sure I’ll join you for a trip or two. lol

  3. My dream destination/s would be to travel Europe with my husband and daughter. I was fortunate enough to take such a trip before they became part of my life and would love the opportunity to share the experience with them.

    • That sounds awesome. I hope you have the opportunity to do that at some time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and good luck in the giveaway.

  4. I’ve actually been quite a few places, so it’s hard for me to pick. I loved Prague, and would love to go back again. I would also love to visit Ireland (haven’t been there yet) and St. Maarten… honeymooned there and fell in love. So much fun, sand, and surf- beautiful water. Wish I could go back there with my husband. Also, my retirement wish (if I could do anything) I would get a superfly RV and travel America visiting all those ‘goofy’ stops (like the biggest ball of twine) and some of the weirder tourist stops like the Coral Castle. loonyalana(at)gmail(dot)com

    • I’ve always toyed with that idea too. Imagine just driving down the road, something looks interesting, you just stop and check it out. Stay as long or as short as you like and head on to the next place.

  5. I am always ready for a good cry, your book sounds wonderful. Thank you for having the giveaway. A dream destination would be England as I would love to go and experience some history.

  6. My dream destination is to make it to NYC and write about everything i love.

    Sounds like a good story 🙂

    • I used to live in western NY, so I made numerous trips to the city. It is an amazing place and I can see why anyone would love to go there. You never know what the future holds, so keep that thought in mind. ^_^ Good luck in the giveaway and thanks for the comment.

    • I think your avatar would fit right in. lol I think cruising Alaska would be really cool. I watch some of those “reality” shows on TV and wonder how in the world those people survive. Looks like too much work to me and I love the sun and surf. Don’t find a lot of that there.

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