My Adventures – Impatient Fisherman – Blue Heron

Impatient Fisherman is an ongoing story of the fishing adventures of The Fundins.

Hubby and I were out fishing one day and this Blue Heron kept trying to steal our bait from the bucket. He was pretty persistent. Mums the word when it comes to revealing where one of our honey holes is located.

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10 thoughts on “My Adventures – Impatient Fisherman – Blue Heron

  1. He’s beautiful! I love these birds. Heck with the fishing, I would have fed the bird 😉

    • He circled around me for over an hour and I couldn’t help but watch and snap photos. It was if he was posing for me. ^_^

  2. Hi, Sherry. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, for all your follows, and for reading part one of my interview with Emma. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

    I’ve followed you back via Linky Followers and Bloglovin’. I look forward to your posts, too.

    As for the Heron, he’s gorgeous. You took fab photos. My son is a keen (newbie) fisherman, and spends hours with his friends doing just that.

    • I love surf fishing. Throw the bait in the water and kick back, reading my Kindle until I get a bite. When I get a bit warm, wade into the surf and fish from there. One time I caught a small shark, who actually jumped out of the water as I was reeling him in. That was pretty cool. Now we have a net, because I have to have a pic and have to be very careful letting it go. They bite back. LOL

  3. They are sneaky aren’t they. They wait until you forget they are there and move in to steal more minnows or crabs from your bucket!
    I knew you would feed it! I did it too! They sure look big when you are sitting down.
    The sharks do have some sharp teeth, don’t they?
    I once caught a small gator. Try netting that and getting it unhooked! They roll!

    Hey, I recognize your fishing spot! Just kiddin. LOL

    • LOL. I think you may have me beat with the gator. We’ll have to go surf fishing when you are over some time. I love it. Be sure and bring your Kindle, though. lol

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