It Sleeps At Dawn by Anthony Renfro @atothewr

Anthony Renfro writes some fabulous stories and It Sleeps at Dawn answers a lingering question I had.
Anthony Renfro has wonderfully descriptive and creative writing that makes all his stories fun for me. I have read some of his vampire stories and It Sleeps At Dawn answers the question of where Lothar, the vampire, came from. With Anthony at my side, I will definitely take a walk in the woods, and follow the path. Even though I don’t know where it will lead, it is always a pleasure being blindly led through another one of his stories.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  3 Stars

GOODREADS BLURB:This short story is about a Vampire who stalks the Appalachian Mountains. A traditional Vampire who uses fangs instead of guns. He hunts. He kills. He sleeps at Dawn.

I love both covers, but this is my favorite. The red pops and nude trees have a creep factor that appeals to me. What do you think? Which cover do you like best?


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16 thoughts on “It Sleeps At Dawn by Anthony Renfro @atothewr

  1. This vampire is a nasty one. A guys gotta eat, right. LOL I like the red cover the best. It makes me think of a red sun at morning or blood. And I see a tree, Sherry! LOL

    • My pleasure. I hope you check him out. He writes some fabulous and horrifying short stories.

  2. This one looks and sounds interesting and I like my vamps mean and nasty. I’m also curious about the zombie Christmas ones because I’m always looking for non-traditional Christmas books.

    • I highly recommend his work. The Christmas ones are definitely non traditional, but I loved them and they do have their feel good moments…along with some super(natural) delights 🙂

  3. I love both covers, but I especially love the first one because I am so enticed by an old house. I want to go inside and explore–during the day, a bright, sunny day, with about 50 other people with me, with all the doors and windows open. Haha.

    • Glad to hear it, Shane. Anthony’s stories are short, but not very sweet, though they are quite tasty. lol

  4. Thanks for the review and all the positive support. Funny thing about those covers. I bought the new one for it and made the red one myself. I guess I should stop doubting myself when I make a cover. Seems like a lot of people like the red one.

    • Ya just never know Anthony, but I think you had a winner already. 🙂 always a pleasure to share your fabulous stories and I look forward to the next one. 🙂

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