It’s a Boy and He’s a Dragon – Dragon’s Egg by Emily Martha Sorensen @CleanYAFantasy

I love dragons, so I am very excited to share Dragon’s Egg by Emily Martha Sorenson.

A 58 page fun, quick and easy novella that put a smile on my face.

Such a cute cover that made me grab this without hesitation.

Cover by Eva Urbanikova

Dragon's Egg (Dragon Eggs Book 1)

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 Can a baby dragon throw a tantrum?

Wellllllll, let’s find out.

This is not your usual dragon tale of hot shifters and the maiden in love with him.

It’s a baby.

It has been waiting for a long time….waiting…waiting…waiting…for its parents.

I felt so bad for the poor guy, so lost and alone.

He  imprints before he hatches, on Rose and the stranger. He speaks to them telepathically and they cannot say no.

Rose’s life quickly spins out of control and I can hardly wait to see what happens when…

Imagine all the difficulties of raising a baby dragon…what do you feed it…where will it sleep…where will it go to the bathroom? It’s funny where my thoughts went as I wondered how they would handle something they never could have foreseen coming into their life.

OH NO! All to quickly I reached the end.

Kudos to Emily Martha Sorensen for this fun story and fresh approach.

This quick story was worth every minute and left me wanting more.

Now I NEED Dragon’s Hope.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 4 STARS


Rose didn’t count on becoming a mother to a brand new baby dragon egg.

She’s always wanted to be a paleontologist, and is now in college studying to become one. But a chance meeting at the American Musuem of Natural History turns her world upside down. Because, millions of years after dragons have gone extinct, there’s an egg that seems to be unexpectedly . . . alive.

The egg knows what he wants. He wants Rose and a stranger, Henry, to be his new parents. But can three strangers of two different species become a family?

A 14,000 word G-rated new adult fantasy.

Buy Links:  Amazon, Nook, or Kobo.


Emily Martha Sorensen


Emily is a prolific writer with many titles to choose from. She writes of fairies, dragons, fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, world peach in short stories and flash fiction.

You can find her on Goodreads & Amazon

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