My Adventures #16 – National Shrimp Festival

Mr Wonderful and I had no plans when we got up Sunday morning.

The sun was shining, the sky was a deep and clear blue, with white puffy clouds that look like cotton balls. The temperatures in the 80s.

We talked about what to do.

We love to drive out to the beach and cruise around, doing whatever strikes our fancy, but we saw that the National Shrimp Festival was going on.

We went last year, bought some goodies for our yard and tiki hut and enjoyed a great day walking around, so we jumped in the car and headed out.

Ice cold beer, the smells of food wafting through the air making us hungry, the crafts of so many wonderful and creative vendors, and just sitting and enjoying the sights and sounds was wonderful.

We picked up another flamingo for the yard, but I like it so much I don’t know if I’ll put it out there or not. I may find it a protected place in the house, so it stays as beautiful as it is now.

We bought some hangers for my hummingbird feeders.

I bought a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt with a Guy Harvey tarpon design on it, beautiful. If you haven’t heard of Guy Harvey, he is a famous artist that specializes in fish.

As Halloween approaches, I know summertime is running out.

I love 80 degree weather, living in t’shirts, shorts and flip-flops.

But, the cooler weather means more golf and football, and we wander the beach no matter what the weather.

See you on our next adventure.


What have you been up to?


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2 thoughts on “My Adventures #16 – National Shrimp Festival

  1. I love your adventures, Sherry! I grew up only an hour away from the beach in San Jose, California. Now I live in Texas many, many hours away from the beach and I miss it so much! The Shrimp Festival looks like so much fun! I’m thinking I need to retire in Florida!

    • My brother came down for my sister’s wake earlier in the year and is coming back next month. He feels the same way. LOL

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