Pieces of a Puzzle – The Things That Matter Most by Perry Prete @PerryPreteBooks


I have been reading Perry Prete’s Ethan Tennant series and loving it. His covers are simple, but the stories inside are not. Are you ready for some thrills? Put your thinking cap on and let’s dive into the mystery in The Things That Matter Most.

The Things That Matter Most (Ethan Tennant Series)

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It takes special people to do the things that Ethan does. He is an EMT and very good at his job. Perry Prete brings his life experience to the pages of The Things That Matter Most.

Suicide. I knew someone who did it the same way. It is so sad.

Their day starts with suicide, heart attack and a dead child, seguing into a mystery of dead children, young girls.

His friend cop, Galen, and him team up to solve the mystery. Perry Prete shares insight into how they deal with things they face.

I love where Perry Prete went with the storyline and it took me a while to figure out who was killing the girls, but there is so much more to the story than that. And Ethan really rises to the occasion, while falling in love. She plays a pivotal role and is a fabulous character.

The best one yet. LOVE IT!

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Things That Matter Most by Perry Prete.

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4 Stars


In the summer of August 2000, Ethan Tennant, Tom Lister and Galen Hoese work together to catch the killer of young girls during the first summer of the new millennia.
Young, innocent girls play in the summer heat, oblivious to the dangers around them, only to fall prey to the worst type of death possible. Parents, neighbours and the police are frustrated by the lack of progress on the case.
The killer is always one step ahead of the police. The killer seems to know more than the police investigating the crimes. It’s not until Ethan and his new girlfriend become involved that the pieces of the puzzle begin to form a complete picture. But does anyone really want to see what has remained hidden for so long?


Perry Prete

Perry Prete is a Canadian crime writer and paramedic. His first novel, All Good Things, introduced us to Ethan Tennant, a City of Ottawa paramedic who looks at crimes from the medical perspective.

Perry continues to work full-time as a paramedic and uses his thirty plus years of life changing and sometimes dramatic experiences to bring realism to his gripping medical novels. His other works include, The Things That Matter Most and All Good Things.

He is also a business owner, specializing in the pre-hospital care field. His company sells medical equipment across North America, primarily to EMS agencies.

A native of Sudbury, Ontario, Perry, graduated from Fanshawe College in London but now lives and works in Brockville, Ontario.


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10 thoughts on “Pieces of a Puzzle – The Things That Matter Most by Perry Prete @PerryPreteBooks

  1. I really like this series and I think even thought the cover is rather simplistic, it makes quite a statement. I love it when it takes a while to figure out the killer.

    Also, I checked my blog and I think the issue is there has to be an https:// in front for Foxfire to accept it. At least it did for me when I used that browser this morning to check it out. Then it states it’s secure.

    • So true about the cover. Thanks for getting back to me so quick about the blog issue. I’ll be by to see what’s shakin’

    • I have been lovin’ the series. His real life definitely laid the groundwork for his stories.

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