Review of Absolution by Susan Fleet

This book will grab you from the first page and not let you go. Feelings of frustration, disgust, and anger will leave you panting for more. I kept wanting to yell, don’t open the door.

He was watching Dawn from his car, thinking of how she teased him. She was a sinner, not very bright, and she would be his fourth Absolution in New Orleans. He knew the police and FBI were after him but he felt God was watching over him .

The citizens were up in arms, wanting action. Racial tensions were high and they had just arrested a black man for being near the murder scene. Rona knew they were trying to pin it on a black guy, so she told Renzi about Kitty, her informant. She took Renzi to talk to her. Kitty claimed to be a psychic. He arranged for her to do an identikit, but before he left, she told him she thought the guy was a priest. He had made a sign, as if absolving her of her sins.
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When Rona published the story stating a witness had escaped the Tongue Killer and described him as white and a priest, all hell broke loose and Renzi was in the middle of it. What would that mean for the witness?

Father Sean was very upset about Lynette. All the victims had been Catholic and he had told his housekeeper, Aurora, about seeing her talking to a young priest at the mall. When Father Sean approached him to talk to him, he had been very rude. She thought he should go to the police, but he had secrets of his own. The police and FBI would begin to question him, and his secrets would come out.

Father Sean Daily was doodling with the killers sketch while thinking of what would happen if he was exposed. Suddenly it dawned on him, it looked like………

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I guess I must be a pretty sick person, because I love to read about serial killers. I feel they must be some of the most depraved animals, that are considered to be part of the human race. Murder and death are fascinating to me.

I feel the media tends to inflame the killers, by giving them the attention they crave. Giving them names –  Son of Sam, BTK, Green Mile Killer, just to name a few. I think the media will go to any lengths to increase their bottom line. The reporter will lie and make things up to break a story, win a Pulitzer.That is only one of the evils involved. There are plenty more to go around.

Politics. What can I say about politics? High profile cases are used to climb the ladder of advancement. Some can only be promoted to the level of their incompetence. It is seen everywhere and in every walk of life.

This book includes all of the above. It will piss you off, as you read about Norris. And the media naming the serial killer – Tongue Killer. Susan seems to hit on a lot of the problems going on today in her books. I like that it makes it more real and stirs my emotions, sometimes to a fever pitch.

The Killer – he studied serial killers and liked that he had a name, because so many of them did. Of course, he thought he was smarter than the press, police and FBI. He had a mission. He had to expose the evil women. His goal for them was Absolution.

Norris is the biggest dick. Arrogant, know it all. A man I love to hate. He is disrespectful, bigoted, racist, and the boss. He will climb the ladder, by stepping on you. If you don’t get pissed off when you read about him, then you must be a better person than I.

Renzi and Norris are constantly butting heads. Renzi has to bite his tongue and watch Norris take the credit for his work. On top of that, his father is a judge and his expectations for Renzi are high.

Kenyon Miller, his partner, “Didn’t your daddy tell you never to pick fights with guys bigger than you?” Renzi, “Hell, no. When a damsel’s in distress, my father expects me to slay the dragon, no matter how big it is.”

What can I say about New Orleans? They don’t call it The Big Easy for nothing. You can tell that Susan loves the town and her years spent there. She also manages to work her love of Jazz into her stories. I have spent many a day – and night – in New Orleans and there is no other place like it.

Shotgun house – can shoot through the front door and out the back without hitting a wall. I had never heard of that, until I moved down south. I actually lived in a shotgun house, but it had been remodeled and a wall built to block the bullet. lol

I received this book from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.


Susan Fleet   Music & Mayhem is my game. Started my trumpet career in my teens, got into the mayhem later. My print journalist father taught me how to play pool in the police station. Maybe that’s how I discovered my dark side.

After gigging on trumpet in the Boston area for many years (while teaching at Brown University and Berklee College of Music), I moved to New Orleans, which became the setting for my crime thrillers.

I survived Katrina, but moved back to Boston in 2010. On my website I post profiles of women musicians and just began a blog, DARK DEEDS, about serial killers, stalkers and domestic homicides. Please come visit!!

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    • I would have to agree with you there. Some of the best food in the world. Thanks for visiting.

    • I’m with you. Perfect weather for strolling the streets, ducking in here and there for a nibble or a cocktail. ^_^

  1. I think this book would creep me out! But I do understand your fascination with serial killers. I think we all want to try and understand their reasoning and what makes them do the things they do. I think we want to know that something went wrong in their childhood, just so we can understand why they are the way they are, because the alternative is just too darn scary!!
    I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I’d love to visit someday! Great review, Sherry.

  2. Thanks Taylor. The book did creep me out and it does amaze me how people can do the things they do to others and in their minds it be okay. I don’t want to give too much away, but the perpetrator makes the story even worse. With the things we know today, it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, though.

    • It will always be there and is well worth the trip. Take your party shoes!

    • I loved the quote. Gives you a taste of the dialogue. Renzi is quite the character, along with his partner in crime Kenyon. I love Renzi and look forward to reading more books with him in it. ^_^

  3. Forgot to answer the question, silly
    Never been to N.O. When are we going Sherry! I’m in the mood to prowl and have some Hurricanes!

    • It’s a big party, 24/7. It’s one of those places – when you are there, you know exactly where you are. Good luck Holly.

  4. I’ve never been to New Orleans. My husband went there for business a couple years ago but I wanted to stay home with my son( quality time

  5. I live in Finland, so no, I’ve never been to New Orleans. But it is definitely one of the cities of the world I’d love to see before I die. I bet it’s beautiful 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway, and best of luck and success!


    • I have seen a show or two on TV about Finland. Looks like a unique and beautiful place. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Good luck in the giveaway.

      This is an awesome book. Happy reading.

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