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roma-series-horizontal-befunky-collage      I was drawn into the Roma Series because of the fabulous covers and the storyline.

It made me think of Kathy Reichs and the the TV series, Bones, with her forensic anthropology, only for a character that specializes in forensic accounting.

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I love the concept for Roma, Underground by Gabriel Valjan…a woman on the run and an investigator and archaelogist on a treasure hunt…of sorts.

If you like procedural novels, Roma is for you. Gabriel Valjan allows Bianca to take us step by step through her investigation, though there is more than one mystery going on.

Want to visit Roma? See some sights? Eat some great food…and lots of it? Then lets follow Bianca as she helps her ‘boyfriend’ solve the mystery of who is smuggling stolen historical artifacts out of the country.

Bianca’s step by step digital search and quick mind will have her ‘gang’ tiptoeing through danger as she tries to avoid discovery from her past employer, a covert US organization. I like that her investigation mirrored a forensic murder investigation, just surfing the internet instead of dissecting a body. She makes me think of Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. You must find the parts and pieces and put them together.

Gabriel Valjan is very detail oriented in his descriptions of places and food. He takes us Underground, through caves, and dining in restaurants, showcasing the food enough to make your mouth water. My only complaint is sometimes the details dogged down the pacing, slowing the story and losing the sense of suspense and danger. This could be because I am an action junkie!!!

I questioned how I would get through the entire series, but the deeper into the story I went, the more involved I became. I was already interested in Bianca, but the peripheral characters grew around her, creating their own dilemmas that drew her in, bringing with them an increasing sense of danger.

Roma, Underground’s mystery is wrapped up nicely, but Bianca’s story is still left to our imagination…or the next book, Wasp’s Nest. Thank goodness I do not have to wait, because the entire series is available.

I received Roma Underground free of charge from Gabriel Valjan.

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Savvy forensic accountant Alabaster Black is hiding in Rome from her former employer, covert U.S. organization “Rendition.” While there under an assumed name she meets Dante, an investigator, erstwhile explorer and member of the Roma Underground, a band of amateur archaeologists who map the city beneath Rome. With Italian artifacts disappearing at an alarming rate, Alabaster and Dante search for answers and create a trap for the thieves. Through a mysterious online contact Alabaster learns she is being followed, and with her safety at risk she is forced to rethink her chosen alliances and discover hidden truths about herself.


gabriel-valjanGabriel Valjan lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the author of the Roma Series, available from Winter Goose Publishing. Gabriel has also written numerous short stories and essays found online and in print.

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  • 5 winners get a paperback copy of CC
  • 5 winners get an ebook copy of CC
  • 1 winner gets whole set of Roma series in paperback (signed)
  • 1 winner gets whole set of Roma series in ebook format
  • 12 winners total
  • Print copies open to USA and ebooks open international
  • Giveaway ends Dec 17

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10 thoughts on “Giveaway & Review – Roma: Underground by Gabriel Valjan @GValjan @NouveauWriter

    • Yes. I am on Book IV. I am enjoying it and like the characters. It’s just a heavier read than I usually go for. I think it’s because of the location and all that entails.

    • I do love a good adventure and feel like I am learning about Italy and its culture as I read through the series.

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  3. Thank you for reading the series, and for the positive words. Happy to hear that you are seeing that each character has their own story and quirks. It may make Book 5 all the more enjoyable. Thanks again for reading and spending time with Bianca and her friends.

    • My pleasure Gabriel. They are growing on me, that’s for sure and Book IV was much easier reading for me. I think because I am more familiar with organized crime and I was able to get into more of the mystery and suspense.

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