Sherry’s Shelves #124 – Free Books, New Books & More Books

Sherry’s Shelves #124 is my weekly update from May 7 – May 13, 2017.

Sunday Post #201 Countdown to Spring..

Stacking The Shelves {200}


Hello fellow bloggers. I don’t know about you, but I have been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying our fabulous weather. We did have a couple of days of ozone alerts and boy could I tell it when I tried to work outside.

I enjoy outdoor chores much more than the ones I have to do inside. There are birds singing and splashing in the birdbath. After chores, comes a dip in the pool. Oh, yeah!


I have been adding books to my Kindle, as if I need any more, but I cannot resist.

Check these out.

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  • Friday 56 – Bullet by Laurel Hamilton


What are you doing for fun this weekend?


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6 thoughts on “Sherry’s Shelves #124 – Free Books, New Books & More Books

  1. Ooh you got Three! I plan to review the first 2 books this week! Such a great series. I’ve been outdoors too and the pool is lovely! Looks like some great new books, Sherry. Happy Mother’s Day and give mom a hug for me!

  2. A pool makes it nicer I imagine! 🙂 And glad you’re having great weather! It’s finally gotten kinda nice here too. I’m loving being outside…

    Fire in Frost looks good.

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