Sherry’s Shelves #134 – Hurricane Irma


Sherry’s Shelves #134 is my weekly update from September 3– September 9, 2017.

Sunday Post #201 Countdown to Spring..



Hi fellow bloggers. We will be heading out to the beach today, and Monday, to see what’s happening, and take some pics and videos. I love the water and to see it angry is amazing. Such force and power. I love to feel the crashing of the waves and spray of the salt water on my face, hear the thunderous pounding of the water, that lets us know who’s the boss. People should be afraid.

But, before we get into the hurricane, I want to congratulate the Pensacola Wahoos for their first Championship. The hurricane did impact the playoffs and some games were moved or cancelled, but the Pensacola Wahoos swept the series. Great job guys and look forward to seeing you next year!





Some pics of me and Mr Wonderful in the press box. He directs the games, and sometimes runs a camera for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.


Here are the guys that work behind the scenes, making the game happen. They clean up good, don’t they?

 I want to congratulate and thank the Pensacola Blue Wahoos for a wonderful season.

As Irma blows its way through many island nations and Florida, we are keeping up with the latest news and getting prepared. Here in the Florida Panhandle, Mr Wonderful and I think we will be spared, but are still diligent about staying informed. Ya just never know with a hurricane.

Irma is bigger than the width of Florida, a monster that shows no mercy to anyone or anything in its path. The only good thing about a Hurricane, is we do have ample warning to take measures for our safety and protection of life and property (sorta).


You never can tell exactly what a hurricane will do. I really have my fingers crossed that we don’t have to put the aluminum shutters up. Have never taken them out of the garage, but it will be hours of work if we have to.

So far it looks like we will face a tropical storm, with wind and rain.

Projected Path

Rainfall Forecast

Saying goodbye to summer is never a happy time for me, but it will be back. 🙂 



I had received Huntress Moon (see my review) by Alexandra Sokoloff from Xpresso Tours for review and I told them I would love to review them all. They are my favorite type of reads. I received this fabulous package. Thanks so much to Xpresso Tours and S B Media.

I also won this fabulous package, a BluRay DVD and the novel, Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. Thanks so mych Beth Fish Reads and HBO.



I had finished all but one of my books for review…and then…I went crazy. 😆 


Here’s a few others I couldn’t say no to.

Walden, Falling Fast and Phoenix Rising were free at the time of posting. Be sure and check for the “0”.


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24 thoughts on “Sherry’s Shelves #134 – Hurricane Irma

  1. Wow. You did go a bit crazy on the books! It’s funny how we practice restraint and then throw it all out the window. LOL
    I’m watching the weather channel right now. It’s calm here at the moment but it looks like I should go out and remove all the small stuff from the yard. Going to get a swim in fist though:)

    My Sunday Post

    • For sure. We have been glued to the TV too. Had to get in some football in between the preparations. We took down anything that could fly, and cleaned up the boat and battened it down. We went out and took a few pics, but not much happening. Keeping my eye on today, Monday, but Mr Wonderful had to go to work even though the college is closed. Gotta keep the TV, WSRE, up and running. Hope he comes home early so we can head to the beach.

    • I am excited to have both the movie and the book for Big Little Lies. Saving it for some binge reading/watching. We are prepared for the storm. We have had some wind and it seems to be picking up now. It’s 9:30 on Monday. The rain just started. We will be okay and I feel for those caught in the path when it was still rated such a high hurricane. I love a good storm, but not so a hurricane.

  2. Hope you all stay safe. Sending good thoughts your way. I read Monsterland some time ago. From what I can tell, the author is now releasing it under another name – unsure which one is his actually name. I was thrilled to get a release about it because I see there is a sequel in the making. Hope you love all your books!

    • Thanks for your thoughts. Good to know about the sequel for Monsterland and I was excited to get a copy. It looks like one I will love.

    • Thanks Kim. This is not our first hurricane and we are terrible about being out in them. We tend to come home when roofs start flying. Some of us just can’t resist being in it, foolish or not. It is not going to be too bad for us.

  3. I love seeing the water all frothy and wild, and storms rolling in (not storms like Irma, obviously) so I can see where that would be awesome. Be safe, and hopefully Irma weakens considerably before getting anywhere near you guys.

    Congrats to your team too! And I loved Big Little Lies!

    • I know what you’re saying about the storms and I totally agree. A hurricane is going too far! 🙂 We didn’t think we would get hit with the brunt of the storm. They can’t maintain all that power once they hit land. We can live with a tropical storm. I think all of Florida is prepared for that, since that happen so frequently. Thanks for the congrats for our Wahoos and I am hearing great things about Big Little Lies. Looking forward to reading/watching it.

  4. Thinking of you in the coming hours and hope you come through this monster unscathed. I’m offering up a prayer for everyone facing the crazy weather conditions right now – the floods in India are just horrible:((.
    Regarding the books – hm. I recently did exactly the same thing as soon as my TBR pile became a little less. I blame Netgalley…

    • So many storms are roaming around the seas right now, it does make me question those who deny climate change. I have never seen anything like it. Netgalley scares me and I am trying to catch up on my reviews owed them before I grab any more from them. So hard to resist.

  5. I hope you post some of those videos and pics. I love the ocean too especially when is agitated< e have been glued to the news and in contact with many loved one that live in FL. Thank god everyone is ok. Hope you and Mr. Wonderful are too.

  6. Thanks D. Glad to hear yours are safe and sound. I love the water, especially when it is angry and letting us know it. We have been glued to TV too. We will be fine. We have everything we need to keep the house as safe as possible. My biggest concern is the pool. We only have one very old oak tree in the backyard, but it is the neighbor’s half dead trees that I worry about.

    • I love them and am even more excited after seeing others comments. I will save them for when Mr Wonderful is working and binge. I will probably read the book first, then do the movie. For some reason books get to me more than movies and TV. I think because I am usually reading while watching. Can’t seem to help myself. 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  7. I hate saying goodbye to summer too! I’m not saying goodbye quite yet. . . I hope you and your family are safe and well tonight!

  8. I hope you are okay with no storm damage. I watched tv news all weekend and Irma was one scary storm! Looks like you got some good books this week!

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