Sherry’s Shelves #88 – Dogs Love Swimming

Sherry’s Shelves #87 is my weekly update from July 24 – July 30, 2016.

Sunday Post #201 Countdown to Spring..

Stacking The Shelves {200}


Hello fellow bloggers. Hope your week was full of good books and summer fun.

For your viewing pleasure, just another day at the pool.

I love dogs and have a special love of Doberman Pincers.


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Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


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13 thoughts on “Sherry’s Shelves #88 – Dogs Love Swimming

  1. Love that video! Best thing I’ve seen all weekend lol. The goggles, and the Doberman who jumped in practically on top of the other one- too funny. And the one just floating there…

    • I couldn’t help but crack up myself. I love critters and those doggies were just too good to pass up.

    • Happy to share some laughs. I love critter, though I don’t have any. I am staying cool…very cool. LOL

    • I have a series sitting on my table…staring at me, so I thought this will be the perfect time to read it. Would love to have you join in. Stay cool and your doggie too. 🙂

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