Stormy weather with Stevie Ray Vaughn

These shots and video were taken by Mr Wonderful and me over the last several days.

Thursday – The clouds rolled in and I mean that literally. I have been watching the skies since Thursday, when the crackling boom of thunder surrounded the house and I opened the front door to investigate. Funny how the bad weather is out front and the sun shines on the pool and patio. *all photos not to be used without permission*

.(c) sherry j fundin(1)

Friday – We had an itch to visit the beach and had to scratch it. We hadn’t been to Hooters for a while, so a wing call was in order. Hooters is on Pensacola Bay, with a view of the piers for boats and, of course, our signature white, sandy beach. It is a great place to people watch, especially as this storm rolls in. I can certainly see why we are the lightning capital and so many people are struck by lightning. Check out the video and you will see why for yourself.

Thunderstorm over Pensacola Bay (c) sherry j fundin

Thunderstorm over Pensacola Bay (c) sherry j fundin

Actually, I can’t remember if me or Mr Wonderful took this, but I am think three strikes and we may be out.

Lightning Strike over the Bay (c) sherry j fundin

Hubby took this from a video. It looks like someone opened up a portal in the sky and said, “Hey you dumbasses, get off the beach.”

Saturday – Mr Wonderful was working the Pensacola Wahoos baseball game, but the starting time was delayed. As the cloud rolls in, the tarp rolls out.

(c) fundin

 This is just your typical Florida weather.

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?


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10 thoughts on “Stormy weather with Stevie Ray Vaughn

    • We saw the clouds rolling in on the other side of the bay and you could tell it was raining. As the clouds grew, we became surrounded. Shortly after taking these, we made a mad dash for the car. 🙂

    • Thanks Kim. I love clouds and a good thunderstorm produces some great ones. Mr Wonderful is still working on the video we both took, each with a camera in hand. It was raining so hard, traffic came to a standstill as we tried to cross the bridge over the bay.

    • LOL It’s funny (in a bad way) to see people ignoring the signs. We shot these on the deck of Hooters but made a mad dash for the car right after taking them.

  1. Cool pics. I love a good thunderstorm. I love to wrap up all cosy inside with a hot cup of tea when there’s thunder, lightning and rain going on outside.
    The lightning in the video looks like a special effect – very cool.
    This is off topic, but is there a way to follow this blog via email sign up?

    • Thanks for mentioning that, Emma. I don’t know what happened, but there should be a follow by email. I will check it out ASAP!

    • We have had a lot of thunderstorms, which is quite normal, but they do seem to be more powerful. Hmmm….

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