Freebie – and Heather McCorkle will tell you why.

Why Author’s Make eBooks Free

From Heather McCorkle’s mouth to your eyes.

You’ve probably noticed independent authors setting the price on at least one of their books as free from time to time. And if you’re traditionally published, or not yet published, you may wonder why in the world they would do such a thing. An indie author friend of mine recently discussed using Kindle Select with me and she couldn’t understand why someone would set their book to free. It’s contradictory, she said. And she’s right, in a way. However, there is a method to this madness.

When you download a book from Amazon, B&N or any other online retailer~regardless of whether or not it’s free or costs money~that novel goes  up in the sales ranks. With each download, it goes farther up the ranks with the optimum rise occurring when there are many sales in one day (the entire system starts over day by day so if a book sells one a day for a month it won’t rise in the ranks nearly as high as it would if it sold thirty in one day of that month. VERY important key to remember!). Sales ranks are what determines the order that a book shows up in searches. Let’s say you’re looking for a YA fantasy novel. On Amazon’s book page you click on Teens. Everything that shows up on the next page, and any more specific pages you click on (sub-genres and such) is determined by sales rank. The books that are on the main pages (getting there with the best sales ranks) get noticed and sell even more.
For each download of a free book, that book goes up in ranks too, getting it farther up the lists and onto the main pages where it will get noticed. When this happens people see not only the free book and are more likely to download it (helping raise it’s rank and supporting the whole process) but they also notice an author’s name and are more likely to check out there other books. That’s one way a free book can get an author more sales. Another is, of course, if the readers enjoyed the book and come back to buy the author’s other titles. So, crazy as it sounds, now you know there is a method to the madness.
That said, all this week for Valentine’s Day week (and to help it’s sales ranking 😉 the eBook of  The Secret of Spruce Knoll is free on Amazon! I hope you’ll download it and
spread the word. And a huge thank you to each of you that does. 🙂
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Fanged Mania #7 – Review of the middle aisle by taylor dean

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Review of the middle aisle by taylor dean

“Riveting conclusion” is so appropriate. I know sometimes the second book can be a letdown, but this knocked my socks off. I was racing through the pages, unable to put it down. Incredibly written. Psychologically and emotionally draining.

.The Middle Aisle (Lancaster House)

Zoe had moved into the Victorian House determined to renovate it and sell it. What she found instead, was a love so strong, that even the supernatural barriers in front of her and Andre could not keep her from his arms.

Spoiler Alert: This is the conclusion of the lancaster house series.

To see the Review for lancaster house, Book I, go HERE.

Dr. Channing woke Zoe with a full tray of breakfast. Since being pregnant, she ate more than ever. She hated being bedridden, but loved her little package.

She admitted to Dr. Channing that Andre had been a figment of her imagination.

Dr. Channing wanted her to tell her story from the time she had escaped from the hospital. She told the doctor that she knew Andre would be waiting for her. She told him, that as she raced toward the closed front door of the house, it opened by itself. She jumped into Andre’s arms and poof – she vanished into thin air.

The house had been rented, while Zoe spent six months in Serenity Hills Psychiatric Hospital. The renters corroborated her story.

As Andre held her, they watched Dr. Channing walk through the house. Andre swore he would never leave her again. When the Dr. left, he wished them happiness. Why would he do that, if he believed Andre wasn’t real?

As they kissed, Zoe tried to crawl inside Andre’s skin. There was still a barrier between them. She desperately wanted to be one with him.

Dr. Channing asked the neighbors if he could put up a camera, aimed at Zoe’s house. He wanted to prove to Zoe there was no Andre. He felt she was playing him.  And what about Dr. Channing? Wasn’t something wrong with him? Was he overly obsessed with Zoe?

Andre said he wanted to take her down the middle aisle – get married. He was changing because of her love, his curse was lifting. Zoe was so in love with Andre, she didn’t want to live without him. Was he really turning human? Would they be able to connect and lift the barrier between them?

Does she really believe the baby is Andre’s?

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos    5 STARS – Would Buy It For Them (lol)

Was he a ghost? A vampire? Was he even real? The story will have you so engrossed, that it won’t matter what Andre really is. He will win you over.

I felt it was such a tragic love story, that I wanted to cry with Zoe, as she strived to create a real life with Andre. Their love was so great, I could only hope that it would break all the barriers that the supernatural had imposed on them. I loved the characters, and even Dr. Channing won me over in the end.

teary eyes Pictures, Images and PhotosThe psychological thrill ride had me questioning everything. The plot was so unique and unforeseen, that I was constantly surprised.

The ending left me stunned, I smiled as the tears ran down my face.  It was one of the best endings of any book I have read and left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling that lingered long after I had finished the book.

I received this book in return for an unbiased and honest review.


Taylor Dean


Taylor Dean lives in Texas and is the mother of four grown children. Upon finding herself with an empty nest, she began to write the stories that were always wandering around in her head, quickly finding that she had a passion for writing, specifically romance. Whether it’s paranormal, contemporary, or suspense-you’ll find all sub-genres of romance in her line-up.

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Dragon Lady Meet Natalie – Book Trailer

Natalie’s Revenge by Susan Fleet

Natalie's Revenge (Frank Renzi, #3)


Isn’t the cover gorgeous? Made me want to pick up the book and find out what is inside.

Stay tuned for upcoming review and giveaway.

Check out the book trailer below.



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BTS Tour Presents The Protectors

Come join us on this review tour and see what everyone thinks of this book!!! Reviews Only. For links to the other tour participants, look at the bottom of the post.

The Protectors by Bernard Lee DeLeo

The Protectors has it all: political intrigue and corruption, gangbangers, drugs, terrorists – and that’s just the bad guys. But sometimes even the good guys walk a line that can become blurred. Are they now a bad guy too?

Ellie and Connor responded to a call of a disturbance. After subduing and arresting the couple, Ellie spotted a half-naked boy running down the street. The man chasing him carried a sap. She scooped up the boy as Connor went after the man.

The boy said his name was Billie, but because Fred didn’t do birthdays, he didn’t know how old he was. He told Ellie that he had been with Fred a long time. He, also, told Ellie and Connor that there were more kids. The monsters had them.


Ellie and Connor knew they couldn’t wait for backup. Once the “monsters” realized Fred had been gone too long, they would pull up stakes and leave. Ellie knew there was no stopping Connor.

Connor did what he does best and brought the children out. He not only killed Fred, he killed the others too. But Ellie was happy he did. Connor had taken the law into his own hands, but what if we all did that? Would it be anarchy? Would we end up like the Wild West, where everyone had a gun and wasn’t afraid to use it?

Dr Morrison went on a ride along with Ellie and Connor to assess Connor actions. She had no idea what she was getting into.

Ellie and Connor were given leave to go out on their off hours and catch parolees who had just gotten out of prison. They knew they would be at the same place doing the same thing.

At 4:00 in the morning, they made a drug bust. Councilman Stennis came to them, telling them to stop what they were doing. They knew it was highly unusual for a politician to come to the station, especially at 4:00 in the morning, and start throwing threats around. Then they found out his son was one of the kids they busted for drugs. Ellie recorded him on camera. They knew it wouldn’t bode well for them, so they took it to their boss. Donaldson backed them, but warned them there was only so much he could do. Be sure to COA.

As the plot develops, Ellie and Connor find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into a situation that is beyond their control. They find themselves involved with the FBI and terrorists. They get in way over their heads, with no on but their boss, Donaldson, on their side. Who could they trust?

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos    4 STARS – Would Highly Recommend To Others

The cover and title both caught my attention. I thought it was right up my alley

The story started strong and stayed that way. After the incident with the kids, I wondered where the story would go, but I was not to be disappointed. I could feel the suspense building as Ellie and Connor were drawn deeper and deeper into a world of political intrigue, disgusting criminals, gangbangers, drug dealers and terrorists that would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

The dialogue was, at times, down right hilarious. The banter between Ellie and Connor made me think of Lisbon and Jane in The Mentalist and Temperance and Booth in Bones, only on steroids. I think you must have  a sense of humor when dealing with the dredges of society. I was happily surprised when the light touch in the writing style took the story to the level it did.

Connor was army special forces and used his skills to achieve his goals and to save their life, and others, over and over again. I love these books, even though you know it can’t be like that in real life. The guy would be crucified because of the deaths. It seems the justice system caters more to the criminal than the victim.

I loved Ellie and Connor. They were unique individuals. Jules came into her own, after hanging with them. I couldn’t figure out if Connor would end up with Ellie or Jules. Boy was I in for a shock.

I love vigilantes. Death Wish has always been one of my favorite series. I can’t even begin to count how many times I have watched it. Charles Bronson is the man. lol But Connor didn’t go looking for it, he just took care of business when it crossed his path.

I received this book in return for an honest and unbiased review. I can hardly wait to read more from Bernard Lee DeLeo.

My Favorite Quotes

“I’ll hit you so hard your whole family will pass out in pain.” Made me burst out laughing.

“The kids made me start thinking about how I want folks to look at us. I don’t care anymore to visit someone to tell them we found the people who broke into their business or house and robbed them blind. I want them to wave at us from their house or business as we go by because we prevent the gangbangers, drug dealers, and thugs from terrorizing them.”

“I’m so PC, if Santa’s sleigh ever pauses on Christmas Eve over my house it’s so Rudolph can take a piss on my roof.”

“You know my mom feeds on the mention of marriage like a cockroach in a sugar bowl.”

I’m not leaving you two! I’ve read horror novels. The monster always gets the idiot who goes for help.”


I own a one man automotive repair shop in Oakland, CA. I write adventure fiction and have thirteen of my novels offered for Amazon Kindle. My three latest novels are: COLD BLOODED published by Wild Child Publishing, HARD CASE published by RJ Parker Publishing, and THE PROTECTORS published by RJ Parker Publishing. My new paranormal novel LANCELOT was released in October of 2012. I published my humorous paranormal romance, LAYLA, in November of 2012. I served aboard the USS Ranger (CVA61) from 1969 until November of 1972. I earned an AA degree in Auto Technology from Chabot College in Hayward, CA, and a BA degree in English from Cal State Hayward. My hobbies are basketball, backpacking, and scuba diving. My favorite dive spot is Point Lobos near Pacific Grove, CA.

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Review – Life Descending

by John Hennessey

Life Descending (The Cry of Havoc, #1)
After killing his boss, Tom Navo found himself on the roof. One voice told him to jump, the other said no, don’t do it. Before he knew it, he stepped off, all the while listening to the voices in his head argue. He grabbed for a railing, but couldn’t hold on. When he felt all was lost, just waiting for the splat on the pavement, he found himself on a lounge chair, bruised and broken, but alive. He left the building and to avoid a passing cop, slid into a market.

As he sat at a table, eating and drinking, a robber came in. In all the confusion, Tom and the robber made a break for it at the same time. The voices spoke to him and he saw a vision of a man with a crown wearing a robe covered in gold and jewels telling him he will rescue him as he runs for the door, gets shot and then run down by an SUV.

A girl came by and said, “Welcome to the Waiting Room, take a number please”. A man sitting next to him told him the waiting time was so he had time to decide what room he would enter and what he wanted to become. When he realized he felt no pain, he knew he was dead and the doors would lead to his afterlife. When he asked how Ferrick knew all this, he said it was in the book. But Tom didn’t have a book. Everyone else there did, so Ferrick handed his book to Tom. Tom glanced at it and handed it back, only to have a book magically appear in his hands.

When he rifled through the pages, he read, “I have saved you from the fool”. He dropped the book and puked all over it. He felt better after he dropped it, but it was gone when he looked back for it. Something wasn’t right.

When his number was called, Tom opened the door and began going down, down, down, down …. and fell asleep. When he awoke, he was in the Stained Lands of Hell – the land of the dead. Is he dead? Is he dreaming? Magic? Insanity?

Disclaimer: I received this book in return for an honest and unbiased review.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 3 Stars – Would Recommend to Others

I also read, At The End, by John Hennessy. I like his books and find them entertaining. The cover was OK and the title was appropriate. I always like when they pertain to the story. It took me about a quarter of the way through to really get into the book. So don’t give up too early. It is worth getting to the end. I like this author and will be on the lookout for more of his books to read.

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