Don’t turn out the lights for Nightlight Tales by Anthony Renfro

 Anthony Renfro writes some amazing horror short stories.
I love them and am working my way through all of them…
Check them out and you may even find your next holiday read.
Some may be on sale and some may be free. If they look good, check them out.
Cover:  James at
13 tales of terror.

13 tales that will have you reaching for the nightlight before you go to bed tonight.

If you want to be afraid, I mean very afraid, of the night, a dark country road, a drag race, vampires and werwolves, the beach…well, Anthony Renfro covers them all.

Don’t turn out the lights, do snuggle up with a friend and get ready for a wild ride.

My overall rating for the anthology is 4 STARS!

US  /  UK  /  AU  /  CAPaperback

The following are three of the horror shorts that I had not reviewed.

The Man From The Road by Anthony Renfro

The man was curious. Too curious. This three page horror short (in paperback) took me from, “You should have known better,” to “Whew, that was a close one,” to “Most excellent. You got me Anthony.” LOL Love it. 4 Stars.

Sandy and the Stranger by Anthony Renfro

Who doesn’t love a fast car, great music and the ghost of a legend, such as James Dean. A glimpse into people’s true character. If you could get away with embellishing the outcome of an event in your life, would you?  3 Stars

Need To Feed by Anthony Renfro

Think you know all about vampires and werewolves, think again.

The sheriff met the Lizard brothers on the street at high noon. He had no fear. He is faster and has won all the duels so far, but tomorrow would be different.

Living on the coast of California was a brutal life. The remaining residents, survivors of battles fought, were preparing for the ultimate showdown. The first full moon in June would test the heroic sheriff when the bloodthirsty and savage monsters Need To Feed brought them to Saltwater Junction.

I love the original and fresh look at vampires and werewolves. The attacks are brutal and nothing is held back.

I felt like I was there, shooting vampires, watching heads explode and blood and guts spatter, wondering who would be left standing. 4 Stars

Excerpt from Need to Feed:

The house appeared to be silent, but he thought he heard something, something low and almost inaudible coming from one of the bedrooms.

It was a sucking sound, like something feasting.

He made his way towards that sound, boots clicking on the uneven hard wood floor, spurs jingling, hoping he wasn’t right, but pretty sure he was.

He stopped at the door that led into the Master Bedroom, and listened again. Sure enough, the sound he was hearing was coming from this room. He held the holy water vial up, and popped the lid off with his thumb. He aimed his gun forward, and slipped into the room.

The first person he saw was Bob, lying on his back on the floor, and on top of him was a Vampire, fangs sunk into the man’s neck, sucking him dry. The Vampire was so engrossed in his feast that he didn’t hear the sheriff move in behind him.

While this Vampire fed on Bob, the sheriff looked across the room, and sure enough Linda was lying on her back with another Vampire on top of her, fangs sunk into her neck.

The sheriff was surprised to see these two out so late, because night weakened them considerably; it didn’t hurt them or stop them, but it was sunlight that truly gave them strength.

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Nightlight Tales by Anthony Renfro

Nightlight Tales

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Some of the books may be free and you may find your next holiday read.


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