Review & Free Book ~ Demon Energy by Anthony Renfro

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Anthony Renfro writes short horror stories that will have you looking over your shoulder and under your bed, twitching at every noise.

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Got 5 or 10 minutes?

Do you like horror/religious stories?

Check out Demon Energy by Anthony Renfro.

Anthony’s inspiration for Demon Energy was Matthew 8:28 – 32 (HCBS).

A man is possessed by a thousand demons and all he could do is lay in bed as the demons had their way with him.

Three priests have come to save him.

As the priests fought to exorcize the demons, the demons negotiated a deal.

The pigs…

What an ending! I never saw it coming and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

This story is worth reading for the ending alone!

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 3 Stars


1 Man – A 1000 Demons Possession. Redemption. Salvation. This short story is about one man tormented by evil, and his journey into the light.

A man lay on a bed.

His dreams were vivid and strong–evil things done by evil beings haunted those dreams.

His soul felt lost, departed.

He wasn’t himself.

How long had he been this way?

How long had he suffered in this torment of a hellish nightmare?

He wasn’t sure.

A distant knock on the door.

No, it wasn’t a knock. It was pounding. It was the sound of breaking. The door shattered inward. He managed to turn his sweaty head, brown hair matted to his skin, face covered in a thick sweat, body covered in cuts and bruises–all self-inflicted by his fingernails and his own fists.

He felt his soul losing again. The demons were crawling around inside of him, pushing his soul back to the shadows. He had no choice but to watch. He was a passenger inside his own body.

The demons raised him into the air, levitated him for all to see. Then his small skinny frame started to spin like a pig in a roast. Spinning violently around and around and around and around, and then he stopped. He was now sideways, and looking at the crowd who had come to take him away. He hung there like a limp rag doll. His blue eyes were not his eyes. Those two orbs now belonged to the thousand demons who tormented him.


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