Is he a ghost? A vampire? Is he even real or just a figment of her imagination?

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lancaster house by taylor dean

Lancaster House

Zoe was in Serenity Hills because she had tried to kill herself. She was also accused of killing two men. Dr. Channing had taken over her care and was weaning her from the heavy medications she had been on since her admittance.  When he told her there was  no such thing as ghosts, she told him they had nothing to talk about. He asked her to tell him about Lancaster House. He didn’t think she would answer, but she slowly began to tell him how she fell in love with the house and why she was so desperate to return to it.

The realtor explained about the old Victorian home. It needed a lot of work. She tried to discourage Zoe from going in, let alone buying it, but Zoe could feel the house calling to her. For the second time she thought she saw someone in the window. She laughed with delight at the unexpected finds and oddities of the house. She was intrigued by its idiosyncrasies, the hidden rooms and secret passageways. She loved it. The real estate agent, Barbara, called the builder, Andre Lancaster, peculiar, but Zoe thought him amazing.

The neighbor lady, Mrs Pearson, had come in with them and, while Barbara was busy on the phone, she told Zoe the story of the house. The builder’s wife and a vagrant were found dead in the house. The husband was never found. Everyone thought the house was haunted. But that wasn’t going to stop Zoe.

After making the place livable, her first project was the banister. She worked late into the night, and even though she wanted to finish it, she quit with ten rails to go. In the morning she found it was done. She thought she must have been high from the fumes and turned her mind to the next project.

Halloween Small GhostWhen she arose the next morning, the piece of wallpaper she had deliberately left unhung, was put up. Also, during the night a blanket had been placed over her. Did she have an uninvited quest living with her? As she thought about it, all the acts were helpful and caring towards her, so she wasn’t afraid, was she?

Still… She went to the courthouse and got the original blue prints. She found the builder had intentionally created an illusion on the outside of the house to hide the additional room. She tore through the wall and found the wife’s bedroom and knew she had been murdered  there. But the room was covered in dust and no one could have been in there for a long time. So where was her elusive guest staying?

That night someone broke in and attacked her. Zoe was surprised when another man came to her rescue.

He was shocked that she could see him and speak to him. It wasn’t long before she was wanting more than his help with the house. She wanted him. She wanted to see him, speak to him, be held by him.

Where in the house did he Live? Why can’t he leave? He had told her his name was Andre, but she had never done her research on the house, so the name held no meaning for her.

She questioned if he really existed, but she felt his presence. He was physical, because she saw him, talked to him, touched him, loved him. She couldn’t be imagining him, could she?

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos     4 – Would Highly Recommend To Others

This was definitely a different twist on a vampire (?), ghost (?) or madwoman (?) story. I got about halfway through and thought WT. Never saw that coming. Now I get it, or do I?

A psychological thriller that will keep you guessing. The minute you think you have the answer, you better think again.

The plot had me guessing if HE was real or not, but I’m a reader, not Zoe, so it is totally feasible to me. The book was well written and I liked that it took a twist here and there. Not your typical vampire or ghost story. Or even that of a locked up mad woman. As soon as  I thought I had it figured out, something else would happen and I would be wondering, what now? Definitely messed with my mind, had my head spinning. And still does.

What would you do if you had an uninvited guest in your house? Would you believe it was supernatural or would you think your mind was playing tricks on you? Even though you felt him, touched him, kissed him, would you be able to hold to your belief while everyone is telling you that you are wrong? That is Zoe’s situation.

Zoe was confident in her knowledge of Andre, no matter what anyone else tried to tell her. All she cared about was being with Andre. He tried to make her see they couldn’t have a relationship, that they lived in different worlds – his was supernatural and she couldn’t join him there, or could she?

I felt the doctor was arrogant and controlling, and I really didn’t like him. He became obsessed with Zoe and lost his perspective. Maybe he’s the one who needs help. lol

Shortly into the book, I thought, this will be a three. It quickly turned into a four, for the simple reason I began to read faster and faster. I had to know what was going to happen next. The writing was captivating and took me deeper into the story as it built to its suspenseful ending.

The end will take you away. Just hope you don’t end up in Serenity Hills with Zoe.

I received this book in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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Taylor Dean


Taylor Dean lives in Texas and is the mother of four grown children. Upon finding herself with an empty nest, she began to write the stories that were always wandering around in her head, quickly finding that she had a passion for writing, specifically romance. Whether it’s paranormal, contemporary, or suspense-you’ll find all sub-genres of romance in her line-up.

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30 thoughts on “Is he a ghost? A vampire? Is he even real or just a figment of her imagination?

  1. I definitely believe in ghost. I had an experience in my mother-in-laws house where her husband passed away. Totally creepy.

    • I’ve heard other people talk about instances like that when there has been a death. I haven’t personally experienced anything like that.

  2. What a wonderful review! Thank you so much, Sherry! I LOVE all the details you put into the post.Thanks for all of your promotion efforts. Much appreciated! I’m so happy you enjoyed Lancaster House!

    • Thanks, Taylor. I have fun putting together my reviews and try to make them entertaining for visitors and followers to my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed it, too.

  3. This book sounds awesome, and I’m sure the second one is too! I do believe in ghosts–or at least supernatural happenings of some sort after death. One occurred to me shortly after my mother’s death as a help or guide to me…

    Ann Roberts

    • I have heard people say that after a loved ones death they have had experiences with the supernatural. I try to be open minded, but as yet have had no experiences of my own.

      • I am so glad to hear that my review brought this book to your attention. I understand about priorities. I want to wish you good luck in the giveaway and I hope your holidays are full of happiness.

  4. Yes I believe in ghosts,although I know I’m not supposed to, as a rational person.When I was in my midteens,a group of kids and I held a seance. The next six months or so were …
    Regardless if the incidents were deception, supernatural or just the hormonal whimsy of a group of teenagers, I will NEVER/ EVER mess with a ouija board .

    • I don’t think I have ever done anything with a Ouija board. I watch a lot of tv shows and read a lot of books, so I guess anything is possible. But, I’m a rational person, like you, so it’s difficult to say for sure what I believe in until it happens to me personally. Good luck.

  5. My email is: [email protected]

    For the questions …. Do you believe in ghosts ? ABSOLUTELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY, WITHOUT A DOUBT !!
    Have you ever had a supernatural experience? Yes. I lived in an apartment here in my hometown several years ago that definitely, without a doubt, had more than one ghost in it. One was in my actual apartment, I think he was a pre-teen or young-teen boy. Another apartment had a very evil adult man haunting it … He was not a good spirit at all, he really gave me the creeps!!

  6. Wow, I want to read this so badly now!

    I live in South Africa. My great grandfather told us many awesome stories and those stories have been passed down. He wasn’t the type prone to superstition or even believe in ghosts. It was that mentality that caused him to occassionly take a short-cut through the cemetary on evenings he was running late coming home from work.

    One night, later than usual, he decided to take the cemetary shortcut. As he walked through the cemetary he heard a noise like a baby’s cry. As he carried on walking the crying grew louder and he became more concerned that there was an infant who’d been left in the graveyard. He followed the cry to a unassuming grave and sure enough there was a little baby wrapped in blankets right on the grave

    He picked the baby up and it kept wailing. He tied it to his back with the intention of taking it home so my great grandmother could check that it was okay. There weren’t any big hospitals in the area and at that time there were no telephones and street lights…

    As he walked, the baby grew quieter… Quieter and heavier. So heavy in fact that he had to stop right at the entrance of the cemetary to re-adjust his bag and the baby… That’s when it happened.

    As he removed the bag and wrap and turned to check everything with the baby was fine, he screamed! Instead of finding a baby there was a full grown man with vicious eyes! All he said was: “put me back where you found me, now!”

    Yes, I believe that story. I really, really do. Too many other freaky stuff happens around us to ignore that there are things in this world that we can’t explain but they’re real.

    I’m in love with paranormal romances and one day, someday, I may be brave enough to author one myself… Who knows

    • When you do write your book, be sure and come back and let me know. I would love to read it, especially if any of the stories are like the one you just told. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

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    • Cool. I’m not sure how I would feel if I saw a ghost. I guess anything is possible and I sure do enjoy reading about them.

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    • Hi Diva. I don’t know if you were aware of it or not, but this giveaway ended in December of last year. However, I do have the same books, plus some awesome swag, to giveaway starting Wednesday, 1/13/2013. Be sure to come by and enter and follow the rest of the tour for more chances to win. I really appreciate you stopping by and hope you will continue to follow me for more chances in more giveaways. Always something new and interesting coming in. ^_^

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