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This is where myself (Sherry at fundinmental) and Laura at fuonlyknew tag team authors and their books. We share our reviews and giveaways, giving you two perspsectives of the book and two chances to win!


I am so happy to welcome Taylor Dean back to fundinmental with her novel, Girl of Mine. As a tease, I think I will start with the book trailer, but be sure and read the entire post, because she has some amazing things to share with you.

I have been following Taylor Dean since I first read her paranormal series Lancaster House. She writes some amazing clean romance stories that brings tears to my eyes.

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Taylor Dean is an award winning author that is at the top of my must read list and Girl of Mine is another one of her clean romance novels that tugged at my heartstrings. I must warn you, though…. a box of tissues is required.

One month before her wedding, Jill was jilted. Now…HE’s back, continuing to break her heart.

Why is Lucas so desperate to talk to her NOW?

Jill is still in love with Lucas, so why is she engaged to another man? That is something you will have to read the book to find out.

I wonder how Taylor will HOOK me…and now I see.

The characters are complex and intertwined in a complicated scenario. Of course, I felt bad for Jill, but I felt equally as  bad for Lucas, even though it was his own fault. He made the choice to walk away.

Guilt, manipulation and miscommunication lead to a tangled web…isn’t that like real life? It is Taylor Dean’s ability to write and make it believable that allows me to become so involved in her characters and bring them to life on the pages.

Even a ‘bad guy’ can be good…can’t he? I love flawed characters. It makes them more interesting to me. I wonder if they can redeem themselves…

Jill’s childish and pouty behavior gave me some chuckles and I find romance and humor go together in real life, so it is easy to relate to her.

Girl of Mine by Taylor Dean has everything I need for a wonderful romance. Love, heartbreak and bliss, with a happy ever after. Her writing makes me laugh, cry, wring my hands in frustration as I want to yell at the characters, “Hey guys…you need to communicate.” I love that her stories leave me with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction when I turn the last page.

I received a copy of Girl of Mine from Taylor Dean in return for an honest review.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars


The year is 2003 and Captain Lucas Graham is at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, about to be deployed to Iraq. A few weeks ago, he broke his engagement with Jillian Barrett, leaving her stunned and heartbroken.

Knowing he can’t leave for war without putting his affairs in order, Luke obtains a four day pass with only one goal in mind: explain his life story to his former fiancée.

The problem: Jill is now engaged to another man.

But Luke isn’t giving up. He only has four days to gain an audience with Jill, even if he has to resort to drastic measures to do so.

And he will . . .


The tree house featured in GIRL OF MINE is inspired by an actual tree house that my father built on his property. It is AMAZING!

On occasion my parents let friends use their property for a wedding reception. The bride climbs to the top and throws her bouquet from the highest level.
Even as an adult, the tree house calls to me and brings out my inner child. I want to spend hours wandering the many levels while imagining grand adventures in my head.
When my siblings and I were young, my Dad promised to build us a play house. He had impressive plans for making it into a storybook cottage, similar to what Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs lived in.

It never happened.

Next the play house was going to make an appearance for my children, his grandchildren.

It never happened.

Years later he built the tree house with one of his grandsons at his side, helping every step of the way.
Time passed, life interfered, and the play house was never built.

Now my children have children and the play house never came to be.
My father recently passed away from pancreatic cancer. Up until he became ill, he still had every intention of building the play house. He even had a plot of land picked out for its future home.


No worries.

I think he has more than redeemed himself over the play house promise, wouldn’t you agree? I told him on numerous occasions the tree house more than made up for the lack of a play house!


Now my grandchildren have an AMAZING place to play when they visit.
(And my adult children . . . and me! Let’s face it, you’re never too old to enjoy an amazing tree house!)


My father has left behind an incredible legacy.
This amazing tree house made its way into GIRL OF MINE, along with many other personal family stories.
You might even say my characters, Jill and Luke, fall in love in the tree house.
It’s a great place for a budding romance.


Taylor Dean

Taylor Dean lives in Texas and is the mother of four grown children. Upon finding herself with an empty nest, she began to write the stories that were always wandering around in her head, quickly finding she had a passion for writing, specifically romance. Whether it’s paranormal, contemporary, or suspense—you’ll find all sub-genres of clean romance in her line-up.

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NOW…it’s time for Taylor Dean’s amazing GIVEAWAY.


To be entered to win, let us know if you are US or International, leave your email so we can contact you if you are a winner and answer the question:
Are you a jilter or a jiltee?
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Giveaway will run from 9.9.16 – 9.28.16

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  2. This was a fun different post. I enjoyed reading and looking at the photographs of the tree house. I promised my daughter one within 3 years. We have been pinning images on a hidden Pinterest board. Happy to know it gave the author great memories.

    • I think most of us have been on both ends. Taylor always has fab giveaways. Good luck, Lauren.

    • Isn’t it though? I have a gorgeous oak tree in my yard. I would love to have a tree house like that surrounding it.

  3. What a beautiful story about the tree house. Back in the day, my first experience with “jilting” was as the jiltee, that one experience was so horrific the way it was handled, I made sure that there would be no official public jiltee/jilter by either avoiding a relationship altogether or by mutual agreement. Besides I met my husband while in High School …the rest is history!
    [email protected]

    • Isn’t it though. I would love to have a tree house like that at my place. 🙂 Whether a jilter or a jiltee, neither makes me feel good.

    • I know what you’re saying. I have been on both ends and no one wins in my book. I want a treehouse like that wrapped around my giant oak tree….

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