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Mildred Abbot’s Cozy Corgi Mystery Series has been a delight to read. I mean, look at that face. How can I possibly resist Watson and the quirky characters we will find in the small town of Estes Park.

Scornful Scones (Cozy Corgi Mysteries #5)

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Scornful Scones was a delightful visit to the small town of Estes Park, tagging along while Fred and Watson poke their nose in another mystery.

Katie’s delightful squeal of joy and Watson’s scrabbling feet as he rushes to get the treat he missed when it was thrown to him put an immediate smile on my face.

A small town takes a while to accept an outsider and Fred sure doesn’t make it easy for them. Everyone knows everyone’s business and they are just waiting for Fred to start questioning her suspects, wasting no time in letting the gossip fly.

These quirky characters and their furry friends are always a delight to visit, giving me some light mystery and smiles.

I don’t have any complaints about Scornful Scones. It was a nice change of pace from the heavy, gruesome, dark and dangerous stories that I immerse myself in, leaving me needing a fun read for a change of pace.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Scornful Scones by Mildred Abbott.

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3 Stars


With summer approaching, Estes Park is abuzz with flowers, baking, tourists, and… murder.

Tourist season is about to begin, and the lovely weather has Winifred Page and her corgi sidekick, Watson, leaving the comfort of the Cozy Corgi Bookshop and Bakery to reluctantly attend a celebration at the Black Bear Roaster coffee shop. But a chill of uncertainty settles over Fred when a choking death doesn’t seem so accidental—despite the dry hazardous scones.

As Fred and police sergeant Branson Wexler rekindle a possible romance, Fred shares her suspicions. But is she seeing murder at every turn? Learning to trust her gut feelings, Fred risks the ire of the coffee shop owner to investigate not one, but two, deaths.

As suspects and motives abound, old resentments are uncovered, and Fred and Watson build new friendships even as they follow the crumbs to find clues to a killer.


Reading the Cozy Corgi series is pretty much all you need to know about Mildred. In real life, she’s obsessed with everything she writes about: Corgis, Books, Cozy Mountain Towns, and Baked Goods.  She’s not obsessed with murder, however. At least not at her own hands (nor paid for… no contract killing here). But since childhood, starting with Nancy Drew, trying to figure out who-dun-it has played a formative role in her personality.  Having Fred and Watson stroll into her mind was a touch of kismet.  

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  1. I will admit, I stopped to check out this review because of the adorable doggie cover. I have been wanting to try a cozy mystery. I think they would work well for me. It’s good that this was a little pallet cleanser for you.

    • this is a good cozy series to check out. watson is adorable…and has some fun friends too

    • wow, you are definitely farther in than i am, but i do have a couple more sitting around and one review to write for another one i read

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